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Atari collectors meeting in Germany!


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This time the meeting was held at Schitti´s place so for me it was only a 35 minutes car drive. Once again the meeting was a blast! We have had a lot of fun including a tasty dinner, freshly tapped beer, gazing at Schitti´s collection, swapping stuff and talking about our beloved Atari 2600 system! Thanks for a great day Schitti! :):cool::thumbsup:




p1010455.jpg p1010454.jpgSchitti is preparing dinner!

I just told them a bad joke!



boxed spare games........


p1010460c.jpgp1010463.jpg next to the NTSC only closet!!

Here is the "holy hall" PAL only closet!



Technovision games..............................................or a box of funvision t-handles, sealed games or protos anyone????


p1010474j.jpgp1010486i.jpg Praying to the Atari Lord!!!!



p1010473g.jpgp1010485x.jpgSteven´s nerves are on the edge........ :D

COMPLETE! :cool:


p1010472q.jpgp1010482k.jpg NTSC and PAL Springer!

I made a bad joke again!!



After a good dinner it´s time to say goodbye!



Steven alias "Cosa Nostra Kepone" was happy with his deals....... :):cool:




THE END! I guess we will see us again at my place next time....... :):):)

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Holy Cow..nice collection Schitti , good to see you guys had a nice time without any women there :D


@pangasinan: :D true words (only men allowed this day) :cool:


This was really a very nice day. we had a lot of fun and a lot of beer. it is always good to have friends who visit me for a atari2600 talk.

many thanks to iwan (for the nice pictures) and zotti


@staberinde: hope you can come next time

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Hehe... That Homevision Copy Cart on the shelf used to be mine. I remember selling it on eBay, but I had no idea it ended up in Germany, I could've sworn I sold it to a Belgian guy. Anyway, I'm glad to see it's being taken good care of! Did you ever manage to get it working again?

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