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ebay frustration!!!!


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Dude, this is not directed at anybody here, but just a general statement.


I'm kind of glad stuff on ebay fails to meet sellers expectations from time to time.  I know a lot of people who think Ebay is a job and try to "clean-up" and "get rich quick" abusing it.  Its nice to kick those people in the shorts from time to time.

Plus when things sell low, that means somebody got a good deal on something, and I know how happy that makes me, so I say good for them.


Again, that is not meant for anyone here, but it seemed to be consistent with the topic so I felt it fit.   :)


I agree with you.....it is fun to find a nice deal!!!


Also, how much have you paid for your atari kit? around 10$ in a yard sale??? and you got 40$. 400% of profit!!!!

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Ebay is no more of a job than holding yard sales every weekend. It is mainly for selling off some junk you have laying around, or the like. If you treat it like a job then you must be prepared for the risks that go into it. If there was no risk of low or high sales then we could just call it retail.


I wouldn't want to have my pay cut in half because I WORK hard and do my job that guarantees I will make a certain amount of money for a set amount of services. That's what a job is, and clearly selling crap on ebay cannot make any such guarantee. In the end, if something does not sell for what you had hopes, thems the breaks. You knew what you were getting into.


But again, this is all just me talking in general, I didn't mean to step on anyone's toes or tick anyone off.

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There must be quite a few people who are dependent upon eBay for at least part of their income since I see tons of Power Sellers. I don't have a problem with people who want to make eBay their job. It should only increase the supply and ultimately bring down prices thus creating more 'bargains' for the rest of us.

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$20 shipping is scaring people off, most likely. Even if it's accurate you're better off using a figure like $12.95, take the hit on it (assuming $20 is right), and hopefully get a much higher winning bid.


People don't like to feel they're getting screwed on shipping even though they'll bid more with a lower shipping and end up paying the same amount! It's the principle.


Additionally, when I see a high shipping rate like that I just think "that dude's crazy" because I know there's someone out there that's $10 cheaper.

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You'd think the supply and demand thing works here. but even in the shorttime i've been collecting prices on ebay have gone up. while all the carts are on ebay than in my thrift store.


You could be right if you're looking at a short period of time. I do think the cart prices have some seasonality. However, over the past few years I think most of the common - rare games have actually decreased in price. I can remember when even Chase the Chuckwagon, Waterworld, Tapper, Spy Hunter, and others went for more than they do today.


The rarest of rare carts go for greater prices though. I think that's because they still rarely show up for sale but eBay has increased the number of buyers also.

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I don't have time to read this entire thread tonight, just went through about 1/2. Since I was the first one to respond, I see others have much input.


Someone asked why I though Thursday was better than Sunday.


Comics Buyers Guide did a study on a sale of a comic book. I think it was Amazing Spiderman #40, all professionally graded by CGC. Don't quote me on the comic, but here's the point.


The analysis showed how many of the books sold, which I think was 7. I remember reading that a lower grade like 5.5 sold higher than a 6.0. Their theory was that 3 of the 7 finished on Sunday and had the lowest bids because that was the highest day of the week for listing books. I'm not sure if they did a study of CGC books in general, but the Friday one, which was the lower grade actually brought more money. The analysis showed that Friday was the slowest day for auction end and Sunday was the busiest.


So I threw out that statement with this article in mind. For those of you who read CBG, the issue was released in the past 2 months. I'm a few weeks behind, so a September issue is probably your best bet. Look under the CGC section.


What you want to look at is, Sunday may be the best day for people to be looking at auctions, since most people have that day off and nothing better to do, but that means most people also have the day off to put their auctions on that day. Again, to reiterate what I said, the more competition you have, the lower you'll probably get.


One piece of advice. If you choose a weekday to do it, my best suggestion is 8-12pm EST, since that will give your west coast people adequate time to bid. Though the "crazies" will stay up till 4am if they are desperate for an auction.


If you want to list your items at a specific time but can't do it at that time, here is what you do. My choice is Mr Lister. You type all your auctions in at once, then upload them. They will remain in a state of limbo for 14 days until you APPROVE them. That means you can log on to your computer for 2 minutes during your chosen "prime time" listing, and just approve them and they will all be on your desired time. The other option I don't approve of, but is a choice is to use the new Turbo Lister. This actually is a little better if you want to "design" your auction to look better. You may also choose the specific time and date you want the auction to begin without having to be online to do it. Once it is uploaded, Ebay takes care of it. The downside to this and why I don't like to use it this way is that they CHARGE you a FEE (what a surprise) to post a specific time and day. Of course you can just upload your order at the time you are done typing it and it'll begin without added fee, but of course that means you have to be on your computer to do it.


So there is my advice. I'm going to bed now boils and ghouls as the Crypt Keeper says. I'll finish reading this thread and a few others possibly tomorrow night. Have a busy day ahead of me tomorrow. :)



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