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2600 10s: who owns a Beagle or Xante game?


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I know that at least two more Xantes exist in the Phoenix, Arizona area. That's where I bought my three. They were in a baggie filled with 12 2600 games at a thrift store for $9.99. There was another baggie with two more of the blue carts in it at the time. I only had $15 at the time, so I bought one and hoped the other would still be there when I came back. Alas, later that day, someone scooped it up. So someone has them. What games they were, I have no idea????

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ok, speak up. there have been a couple ebay auctions with beagle and xante games recently. do any of the winners that read atariage want to verify they have received these games:


xante trick shot: rick weis

xante beany bopper: draven1331 ??


beagle bros: spirantho (well, he has already posted about these in the atari 2600 forum)

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Indeed - you can put me down for a "genuine" Beagle Bros Space Invaders and River Raid (both of which, interestingly, come in the same Atari-style dust-cover style cartridge cases - even the River Raid).

I believe Marco now has a BB cart too but it looks pretty dodgy to me, hence I didn't bid on it. When I see a close-up I'll have a better idea if his are genuine - if it is, he got a bargain... at least in my eyes!

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