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DieHard GameFan Magazine Praises the Jag BIG TIME in 1993.


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  • 7 years later...

Game Fan were big fans of the Jaguar early on, but ended up hating on it, unfortunately. They were my favorite mag, until Dave Harvelson (E. Storm) left.


I witnessed similar with Gamesmaster and C+VG magazines..initially full of praise for hardware and games..hell..C+VG gave some of the higher end scores from UK Press for Hoverstrike and Chequered Flag..


But then started comparing 3D games on Jaguar with those on PS1 and Saturn..


Pointless as these were far more suited to texture mapped 3D than the Jaguar.

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But then started comparing 3D games on Jaguar with those on PS1 and Saturn..


Pointless as these were far more suited to texture mapped 3D than the Jaguar.


Why was it pointless? These were all products on the market at the same time. If they weren't being compared, then the editors wouldn't be doing their jobs properly in helping consumers make educated purchasing decisions.


The fact is, the Jag was dated when sat next to the PS1 and Saturn. Any negative press the system and Atari got because of that was entirely warranted, because it showed.

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Here's an interesting read about the history of Die Hard Gamefan.

Haha madman, beat me to it....same link posted by me, two posts up ;)


I believe DHGF (and maybe others) did turn on the Jag *in part* due to Atari requiring flash carts, software, and hardware be returned after testing. Atari were stingy, but also weren't operating at the budget that other companies were...although if you see the figures being thrown around for game production, they still had some coin.


On a somewhat related note, and it's probably because I've been around the Jag online scene since 'the beginning' (being overseas from any official release I had to read all about it) I feel that much of what gets discussed here and on other forums / facebook is often repeated, sometimes forgotten, and often inaccurate or skewed (I'm guilty of this as I rack through 25 years of what I remember). I'm wondering if it's time (or otherwise well overdue) for a *massive* Jaguar FAQ update....or a linkable online repository (wiki or otherwise) of everything Jaguar related...or even a book / 'bookazine' / coffee table book about the Jaguar....

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Haha madman, beat me to it....same link posted by me, two posts up ;)


Hey Skip, I actually missed your post. If I had seen it, I would not have posted the same link.


I was reading forum thread about the magazine that has postings for the last 13 years at The Next Level (http://www.the-nextlevel.com/tnl/threads/33808-The-GameFan-history-thread) when I stumbled on that link.

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I thought Clint Thompson, along with TXG/MNX, had started to compile and document everything related to beta/unreleased Jaguar games..to update the work started by Cyberoach etc?


This was back in November 2016 and he was using the scraps of info likes of myself and unseen64 had found regarding Conan, Return Fire etc..plus Atari Corp documentation Scott Stilphen had kindly shared.


But then things went very quiet..is this still a work in progress?.


Clint seemed the ideal person..level headed...took info for what it was and how it was presented.


None of this secret society shite..or doing follow up chats to get the same info others had to present it as my findings mine!!! in a rather Golum-es fashion.


And indeed was free of any Grimmer Worm tongue type influences as well..



Be a crying shame if he's had to quit as he would be a great contributor to any planned projects.

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I think..given ahem..past and indeed some current attempts..to do a rebooted Lost Jaguar games list..a few common sense ground rules would go a long way to ensuring it's credibility.


Trusted contributors for starters.


The list should be intended for benifit of the greater Retro community, from those with a general curiosity to the die hard collector.


Those who've a proven track record of assisting community projects should apply..those looking for 'status' or have some forms of agenda..this isn't for you.


2) Going with the GTW approach..magazine claims should be presented purely as such and nothing more.


Always name your sources..and don't stop looking for further info if others present themselves. Always more than 1 side to any story.


When your given information..present it as it's given. .if the person says source code is lost..state it's reported as lost ..if they state it might exist somewhere. .then until it's found..it's a possible find.


Don't speculate it exists until it's safely found and backed up.


Same with prototypes..please. .no speculation Johnny Johnson 3 blocks down the road might have a copy..but he ain't sharing.


Don't be afraid to admit your sources might be incorrect on information given..new info comes to light from all manner of places and your asking people to remember events from over 20 years ago.


No B.S about speaking to coders and they said..if they didn't reply or simply couldn't help..Make that clear..so others don't waste anyone's time and try someone else.


Pretty simple..straight forward stuff..but it would resolve so much of the nonsense still surrounding Lost Jaguar game research.


I mean..sh*t man..If 75% of the games in question had potential to be worthy titles..i could kinda understand it. .but medicore games ported from 16/32 bit systems or written from scratch for Jaguar...really?



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I'm (personally) not just thinking of unreleased stuff. I'm thinking everything.

But I should get on with my thesis which is about the same sort of concept (nothing Jaguar related though lol)...the 'everything' of a particular given gaming/software/edu history if you will...I have a looong way to go on that before I even think of assisting or digging myself into something like this or other hobby projects of my own... ;)

Back to my original thoughts though, it's equally about clarifying and reducing the amount of repeat questions as well as being interesting to read.

Edited by skip
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Holy moley, what a load of shilly crap! You can't accuse them of lacking enthusiasm, I suppose. They must have been angling for some Atari advertising money.


I just HAVE to transcribe some of that copy. All typographical errors, especially missing or extra apostrophes, are theirs.

VIEWPOINT: Honesty is our only excuse!

SKID'S PICK: I can't believe it! My pick of the month is an Atari game! Will this happen often? if Cybermorph is any indication then I guess so. This is one of those games that takes a week to beat, so I really feel like you guy's will get your money's worth when you buy your Jag's. You are getting one, arent you?

SGT. GAMER'S PICK: Atari scores with its introduction of the Jaguar and Cybermorph. 64-bit gaming is here and it has announced its presence with authority! The lucky 50,000 Jaguar owners will be playing this for months to come! 225 BUCKS! That's it! The next generation is here!

KID FAN'S PICK: I've got to agree with the Skid mark and the mexican food on this one and go with Cybermorph. I am now a believer in the 3D genre. Until now games like this were as chunky as my chili but now with the introduction of the Jaguar, games like this are as smooth as my guacomole. My only hope is that they keep it up, because if I can get just one game this good every month I'll be a happy guy. The next generation is gonna be fun!



Wow. I gotta cleanse my palate, I threw up in my mouth a little there.


99% I can't believe that this is the Jag's pack in. What a deal! This is such a great game. The color is phenomenal, the control is the best I have ever felt and it will take weeks to beat. Each level is like a mini-game in itself. If this is the first generation then the Jag is my system. Atari, wherever you've been it's nice to have you back!

96% Easily the best of the original Jaguar games, Cybermorph is a 3D, texture mapped tour-de-force with over 50 levels of real-world shooting that will have you engrossed in the action for weeks. Retrieving pods has never been this fun. This game is the free pack-in with the system and there has never been a better one. Atari has made a believer of me...Jaguar is on the prowl and the world of gaming with never be the same.

98% I must admit, I did not excpect one of hte first Jag games to be this good. I'm a big Starfox fan and this game takes that idea and perspective to an entirely new level. You go anywhere you want, before, during, and after each mission to the point of almost feeling that you have really been there. It's hard to explain, but this game takes the word interactive to new heights. I hope this is the shape of things to come.

98% I can't believe this masterpiece is a freebie! Cybermorph has got to be one of the most incredible games I've played to date. Not only can you go anywhere at any time, but the graphics ...



The multi-page review is similarly asinine, with 85 screen shots which could have been snips from a minute or two of video. It really brings home how limited our information was back then, since there was no streaming video, and only the occasional TV advertisement to see a game in motion outside of a store or a friend's house.

Now for the latest on the Jag....

Recently at Atari's awesome New York press conference, which featured purring babes wearing skin tight Jag suits in a jungle setting, here kitty kitty, (do these guys know how to party or what)? three new 3rd party developers were announced. Interplay, Virgin and Accolade have all joined the pack. Welcome to the jungle, it's an awesome system. The jag itself is a quality unit, in fact it is the nicest looking system we have ever seen, and the controller is awesome. The first games barely nick the hardware and Cybermorph and Alien/Predator are amazing. Plan on playing hookie for about a week when the Jag hits nationwide in January.....wait 'til you see the commercials


Sexism aside, the Jaguar launched in January? That's an inauspicious beginning. As for "wait til you see the commercials," wow.


Letters page:

...the press took it from there. They created the illusion, not Atari. Fact is, Atari was ready to go with it when they discovered their new 64-bit technology. So, rather than releasing one system and then another a year later (sound familiar?), they opted to release the ultimate system at the ultimate price and quietly achieved that goal. The Jaguar was officially announced in August of this year. Atari said they would test market in November and release it nationwide in January and that is exactly what they are doing. The Jag will cost $249.99 and comes with Cybermorph. How did they do it? I don't know but I'm glad they did!"



I feel so much dumber now, having typed all that drivel.


So Atari Jaguar fans of the forum, did this kind of press coverage activate your imagination as a kid, or what?

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Rayik, where ever did you dig up that link?


I read through that over the past 2 days. I do remember some of it on the TNL forums but what surprised me is that one of my posts from Digital Press years ago made it onto that page for some reason. I don't remember posting it either ! Too long ago.


Anyway, yes , BITD before the WWW, we read mags and Gamefan was awesome. WHen I finally played Jaguar at a game store, it didn't quite impress me like it had them. :D

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Anyway, yes , BITD before the WWW, we read mags and Gamefan was awesome. WHen I finally played Jaguar at a game store, it didn't quite impress me like it had them. :D


Same here. Reviews had me excited to get the Jaguar. After the first hour with Cybermorph I was thinking of returning the system back to the store. Very unimpressive for the build up I had been reading.


BTW, I threw away all my Gamefans years ago. Are there any scans available?

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