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Jagfest X - Retro Revival


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Ladies and gentlemen I proudly present:


Jagfest X - Retro Revival


This years event will feature the following:


* Gauntlet 2 - Full 4 Player experience!

* The Atari Owl Project - See how the Jag's most exciting new game is progressing!

* Multi Format Gaming - Including all the Atari machines along side Sega, Nintendo, Philips and even modern consoles!

* Gaming Tournaments - Win lots of prizes!

* Coders Corner - Speak to real programmers and get the insight on all their projects!

* 16/32 Systems Webshop - A host of great Atari items you can buy at discount prices!

* Jaguar VR - A chance to experience this lost wonder!

* Secret Projects - Now that would be telling!


I will leave others to announce more and I will add to it as we get nearer to the event. Feel free to drop me a PM or post here if you have any questions!


Here is the website for the hotel - Thistle Hotel - St. Albans


The hotel also has a gym, pool and spa for those wanting to bring their wives or partners along and as the ancient city of St. Albans also has wonderful shops, a cathedral and the remains of Roman's 3rd biggest city Verulamiam there is plenty to see.


Ticket and room prices will be announced as soon as I have a rough idea of numbers and here back from the hotel itself about discounts!


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It seems there has been some problems with people booking rooms so just want to clarify a few details:


We now have our own special booking line for room the number is 01727 854252


Please quote JAGFES2509 for the discounted rate.


Please let me know when you have booked and if you have anymore problems.

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I don't know if it will work but the website now has a room share facility on the Tickets & Accomdation page for anyone who may want to use it.

Basically anyone looking to share a room provides the relavent details which are then displayed on the website so that others looking to room share can get in contact with you.

See the Tickets & Accomodation page for more details.

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