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Halo 2600 Pre-Order


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I am proud to support this man and his game. Anyone making games for a 30 year old system is clearly in it for something besides money (especially when there's a free version online). You can tell he appreciates the community, legitimately enjoys making games, and respects gaming as an art form.


Also, the game is a hell of a lot of fun.


Can't wait for it to arrive.

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At this time I am no longer taking payments for Halo 2600. However, send an email to sales@atariage.com and I will add you to the waiting list and will email you as carts become available, in the order I receive requests.




I didnt see this post when I sent my payment via Paypal. Did I just miss the boat?

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I just sent my payment as well. This looks Awesome.



How are you sending payment if none are available?


I edited my post. I sent it at 3:00 AM, before the other message was sent.



I understand...Now its time to wait.......patiently......now in wait mode..like a sega cd booting up sewer shark for the first time..>!

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