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Halo 2600 Pre-Order


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Wow. My Halo is working. :thumbsup: Unbelieveble. It's a strong warrior, no doubt.



That's what it suffered:





Evil mailman, dog and rain... War isn't nice.

Wow, that sucks, man. The mailman ought to be flogged for that mishap. Also glad that we have cats instead of dogs - less prone to chew things up and they basically ignore my retro stuff.

Are there a lot of copies of Halo 2600 left? Not sure if it was a limited run...trying to decide if I should jump in and get this one or if I have time to wait. It looks awesome!! Thanks. :)

I believe only the boxed edition is limited. I could be wrong though. I got a cart + manual, especially since the box used the old box art which doesn't even match the new label. I'm picky but oh well.


Really stoked also that Princess Rescue aka Super Mario 2600 is finally coming out... :D

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I am wanting to order the game but was wondering if anyone has made a cover that I can fit into one of the universal game cases that The Cover Project uses. (http://www.thecoverproject.net/view.php?cat_id=36)


I know I can order CIB but I'm very OCD (read anal) about everything matching and all my other carts are in these game cases.


I appreciate anyones help.

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It's autographed, people. That makes it one-of-a-kind, hence the high pricetag... :roll:

Perhaps, but if the dude is still alive (I assume he is) and he's cool, anybody with a copy of the game could get it autographed and sell it. I know years ago I got eric ball to autograph an original skeleton for me, but it's for me, not to sell.


Granted, that dude paid for the game, still, so it's his to do with what he pleases. I doubt he'll get it, but hey, that'd be cool (for him) if he did.

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I've got an ET I need to sell for the low, low price of $15,000. The label is curled up and it has a coffee stain on it. However, it is not just any coffee stain: Not your ordinary McDonalds coffee, the stain originated from the finest premium full bodied medium roasted fresh ground coffee beans, imported all the way from the mountains of Columbia. The coffee haphazardly splashed onto the cart label during an intense jittery caffine-infused gaming marathon. If you look closely at the label, you can barely make out the shape of angel wings and a halo. I think it is the mark of Gabriel signifying that this ET cart is the chosen one. I can guarantee that this mark is one of a kind and nothing else like it exists. Please, do not miss this incredible chance to own this holy relic. Stardust4Ever accepts Paypal. Buy with confidence!

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