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Season 6 Week 4 - Ice Climber


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Welcome to week 4 of the 6th season of the Atari Age NES High Score League!


This week's game is going to be Ice Climber.


Title: Ice Climber

Developer: Nintendo

Publisher: Nintendo

Released: October, 1985 (US)

Twin Galaxies High Score: 1,292,130 by Will W. Carlough








Current Standings:


I'm adding a new stat to the standings. The number in parentheses next to your overall score is the number of rounds in which you have participated. This will serve as the tiebreaker. Therefore, even though 4 players have 9 points and are tied for first based on that metric, Sonic R sits in first because he's participated in 2 rounds instead of 1.


  • 1. Sonic R - 9 pts. (2)
    2. RJ - 9 pts. (1)
    2. mihcael - 9 pts. (1)
    2. patbb - 9 pts. (1)
    5. roadrunner - 8 pts. (3)
    6. pantherrob82 - 6 pts. (1)
    7. ClassicGMR - 5 pts. (3)
    8. darthkur - 3 pts. (1)
    9. LarcenTyler - 2 pt. (2)
    10. Tr3vor - 1 pts. (1)
    10. atari1600land - 1 pt. (1)
    10. Hitachi - 1 pt. (1)
    10. wizardspade80 - 1 pt. (1)
    10. Jibbajaba - 1 pt. (1)
    10. HatefulGravey - 1 pt. (1)
    10. dustfilledhobo - 1 pt. (1)


*9 points are awarded to first place, 6 to second, 3 to third, and everyone else receives 1.*



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I cannot get the hang of the jumping...


I keep falling through invisible holes.



you mean the ends of platforms that you just fall through? those suck, how many times have I hit a platform and fell off? icon_sad.gif


No, I can't see the floors sometimes when I am below them or on them :(

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29210. How did anyone ever get 1 million?


I have found some ways to point press that get me in the range of 1 million, but that isn't the nature of this thread so I haven't posted those scores. Running right through the game I can only get just about 100000, but in the same time point pressing I can get about 850000.


Took yesterday off now I'm going to go see if I can get more then my 118k on a legit run.

Edited by HatefulGravey
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