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HSC Season 3: Halloween Tournament



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  1. 1. Select TWO from the 4 games below to fill the final two spots in the Halloween Tourney (see post #14 in this thread)

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Tips/rules on anteater:


This is what I found out about this game by looking at a few video on youtube.




You have to eat them with the tip of the tongue. If an ant touches your tongue elsewhere than on the tip you are dead.



The worms can touch your tongue everywhere except on the tip: and when it's goining foward(with his head). To eat the worms, you have to use the tip of your tongue in its rear...from the back.


Spider: After the day is over (look at the sun above you) a spider will appear. It will go down your tongue. If it touches the tip, you are dead. To get ride of it, you have to go and eat one of the mother queen at the bottom. This will also kill all the ants and worms from the screen. You have a couple of seconds to eat as much as possible larvas. A new spider will appear right after this short break.


Red ants:

I don't know much about it. I saw it a few times and always get it from the back ... it might act the same way as a normal ant.


Controling the tongue:

you can use the joystick to move it in any direction. You can also use the button to move back.

-Lets say you are moving to the right side and you would like to go down in the next intersection: Just move your joystick in the down direction and the tongue will travel right until it reaches the intersection and then go down.


Have fun.

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Even though Donkey Kong 3 is my favorite, I'll sit this one out. The medium level is something that can be found only on MAME, and the actual arcade game. I don't have either, and my only alternative is Ultracade. No problems though, I think my AtariAge record is safe! :D :cool:


Do you have a few tips to share?


Do you have some sort of patern on each screen?

Do you keep the superspray for a specific level?

Do you sometime lost a life just to get the superspray?

Do you make a maximum number of points by killing the bugs or you complet the levels as fast as possible?


Or anything else you would like to share?

I probably played 100 games and my best so far is 104k...that was in another contest.


Thanks Mister Plow.

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