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Any Atari based User Groups near Sacramento California?


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The Sacramento area used to have a few Atari User's Groups back in the day.


ACCESS (Atari Computer Club Encompassing Suburban Sacramento) was the oldest. It used to meet at the SMUD building between 59th and 65th near Folsom Blvd.


Eventually, ST users split off to form SST (Sacramento ST User's Group) which was later renamed STAR (Sacramento's Total Atari Resource). The groups went defunct around 1997 or so.


In Davis, there was also YAC (Yolo Atari Club).


For the past few years, Bill Kendrick has been throwing almost-annual Davis Atari Party but aside from myself in attendance, I haven't noticed any former members of the groups listed above as having ever attended.



As for other platforms, the old local Mac User's group (MacNexis) still exists and I've heard the Amiga group still meets as well.

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