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Intellivision Ebay Roundup

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2 hours ago, EdgeOfPortal said:

I saw that and laughed.  I only recently bought my sealed copy for $40. 

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4 hours ago, EdgeOfPortal said:

the box certainly looks like it was just picked up off of the shelf at the corner electronic store

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1 hour ago, vtadave said:

A Dig Dug box only sold for $83.39 with shipping.  I guess this is worth it then.  Ugh.




In my opinion, Dig Dug CIB has historically sold for $50-80.  A nice box could easily go for a decent amount, since many would benefit from an upgrade.

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Pikachu offered me like $300 for my never assembled flat dig dug box years ago. Plus ketchup chips and chocolates lololol

Not sure if this 1 on ebay was truly a flat one or a reflattened one....either way i dont think they are worth so much but a nice dig dug box isnt to easy to find for sure.

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6 hours ago, Atari_Bill said:

I had no idea they were that rare.  I guess I haven’t really seen many now that I think about it, but never really considered that they would be that sought after!

Yah they're pretty hard to come by, especially with packaging. 

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