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Mentis Cohorts - Four Odyssey Games in One - Now taking orders

Rev. Rob

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For those who are not aware of this game, please read the FAQs here in the Homebrew forum. You can read through the history of the development cycle.


Even if you don't own an Odyssey, you may still enjoy this game because it's playable as a strategy board game without the video game component.


The final draft of the instructions are attached to get a good idea of the way the game works.


Here is an overview of the four games that are included (read the attached PDF for further details):


  1. Mentis - Two player strategy board game.
  2. Mentis Strike - Same as Mentis, but utilizes the Odyssey for additional game play elements.
  3. Ego Mentis - A singer player strategy game similar to peg solitaire that only requires the game peices.
  4. Mentis Siege - An Odyssey version of Breakout. Also single player.


Buying Instructions


The game will cost $57. That includes the cost of production for each unit, all of the materials, shipping, packaging, a little extra for me to recoup the cost of licensing the artwork for the box and the time I put into it. The board alone is almost $40. These shipping costs may not be 100% accurate. If it turns out to be more, I'll ship anyway and send an invoice.


  1. PM me your name (as you would like it to appear on your certificate), address, and the email address you use for Paypal.
  2. I will reply with my Paypal address, and send an invoice. I prefer to not use any method other than Paypal. But if you cannot use Paypal for whatever reason, and can show that you have good rep here or elsewhere, then feel free to contact me with an alternative method for payment.
  3. I'll notify everyone when their item is shipped. Orders will run for a week or two until most people who wants one can get one, and I can make one single order of PCBs.
  4. International buyers please add $5.
  5. Please send the money as a GIFT or add $2 for Paypal fees. I didn't do this with Odball last time, and the losses to fees really added up.


List of people who made orders*:


0. Rev. Rob

1. njb12287

2. ianoid

3. zodiacprime

4. retrogmr

5. slapdash

6. jeffgamer

7. y-bot

8. frap

9. swlovinist

10. mb7241

11. Uppy

12. rpgcollector

13. soloman

14. PsychedelicShaman

15. Dave

16. Coyo5050

17. Sold

18. Sold

19. Sold

20. Sold

21. Sold


*Games will be numbered in the order of first come, first serve.


What you get:


Pictures of the final prototype are shown below. The following items are included with the game:


  • Tube
  • Two vellum screen overlays
  • 1 Instruction Sheet - double sided
  • 9 Game Pieces
  • Vinyl Game Board
  • Pouch
  • 6 Dark Game Peices
  • 6 Light Game Peices
  • Hand Numbered Certificate of Purchase with your name (not pictured)


Prototype game box with instructions shown and screen overlays (graphics on the final will look more professional):



Mentis Board set up to play with pouch in picture:



Mentis - Game in progress:



Mentis - Dark Victory



Close up of pouch:



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this looks to be a popular one i cant wait. Glad i got in fast. I missed the first run of odball


The good thing about this is I don't have to order PCBs, so if someone wants one later I can just make one. It will only cost $10 more when I don't do it in bulk.

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I thought you said that after Odball too ;)


Its a shame because your dam good at making odyssey games.


If I do another one, it'll be something very simple and only cost ten or fifteen bucks. Odball and Mentis are both very elaborate and costly. When I had the idea for Ego Mentis, it was going to be a game on its own for $10, but I threw it in with Mentis. It was going to be called Odwall, and would have consisted of a screen overlay, instruction, and a two score sheets (buyers would need to make copies).

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Crisis adverted!


In case anyone is interested, I secured a bid for the 22 gameboards for $750. I get an email today from the company making them saying, "Oops, that discount is for another product, your final prices is $1250." :!:


I called them up and told them that by them offering the bid and my accepting it we legally entered into a contract, and for them to back out now would be a breach. While that's all true, I didn't expect them to go for it. They didn't even get nasty. They just agreed that I was right and said they'd do it for the original quote.


I can't believe that worked. Amazing.

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wow nice legal skills Rob. Though you may not be able to do this game again for the same price


Yup, that part is rather obvious. :D


With a low order, like one or two, the difference is only $2 a square foot, so small runs will be possible if I ever sell out of the originals. But with this many, the other kind of vinyl gets a massive discount, whereas the kind I used only gets a $10 discount.

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I went to pick up the boards yesterday, and they printed it on the wrong kind of vinyl. The cheaper kind was the correct kind. So, that should be done Sunday.


I am waiting for the bags for the game pieces to come in. As soon as that happens I'll be ready to ship to those who have paid.

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