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Beta Release Eye of the Beholder-Atari Lynx


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Heads-up... I have 6 left... then there will be no more EOTB goodies left until the official release in APR/MAY


The Beta Release is a full game with the save feature. The PCB is the green variety... not what the finished product will be. The labels have the words BETA RELEASE printed in RED. A nice addition to any collection if you ask me.


I can offer Beta Release Boxes as well for these. Same thing... different design than the final product and it will have the words "Beta Release" on it. The price tag for these are a bit higher... as you will be getting the game before it is available to the masses. I would love for a few people to grab these and then post reviews of them. YOu will start to see a few reviews soon from previous purchases.


If you are interested I need a PM from you (I cleared out a bit of PM space... so it is a first come first serve scenario).


Loose cart: $75 shipped

Boxed cart: $85 shipped


This does NOT reflect the price of the release this spring... this is the Beta Release price!

Thanks and I look forward to talking to you. BTW... See sample pics below.





Once these are gone... no more will be made on this Green PCB.

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Well... my friends... I believe this is "Game Over" for the Beta Releases. they are all sold or spoken for at this point.

Keep in mind the release will be coming (possibly a little earlier now).


I am currently finalizing the release box and tweaking it until I like the finished product. the manual is coming along pretty well. I decided to not make this a "technical manual" with a lot of maps and silly stuff. it will be 10 or so pages...but it is looking great!


so things are moving very well. I'm going to use a bit of this extra time to finish a few other projects (anyone want a Raiden Atari Lynx cardboard box...contact me!).


Keep the faith!!! you will see more EOTB goodies soon enough at a fair price and well....quality. lol

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