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I think bblint still doesn't like lives: .. end


This code fails bblint but compiles just fine:


 dim lives_centered = 1
dim lives_compact = 1

lifecolor = $aa
lives = 224


goto LOOP

inline 6lives.asm


I've got bblint.win32.exe in the same folder as 2600basic.exe

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I don't know if this is related, but...


I am compilng my Batari DPC+ game in VisualBb... and I find I get the following error:


Compiling C:\Users\David\bBExamples\Exam1\mall4_Round1.bas
[6/27/2017 4:31:55 PM] bblint found the following errors in mall4_Round1.bas
warning(): Found 23 commands that use end, and 24 "end" commands.
It is coming from the following line:
It will go on to finish compiling and seems to run okay. I can do separate playercolors for each sprite,
but I do like the space saving aspect of doing them together (and the documentation says I can).
Is there something I am missing? Is there a way to get rid of the error? I did try removing the "end"
at the end of the playcolor above, but of course, it does need it.
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Are you using the bblint from the first post in this thread? The player#-# statements were added a while back.


If you are using the latest, please PM me the source and I can take a look.


If it's holding you up, you can always just delete bblint from the vbb directory. vbb only uses it when it finds it.

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