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Are you using the bblint from the first post in this thread? The player#-# statements were added a while back.


If you are using the latest, please PM me the source and I can take a look.


If it's holding you up, you can always just delete bblint from the vbb directory. vbb only uses it when it finds it.

Hi RevEng, thanks for the reply!


I am using the link from the first post. I basically removed the old bblint and moved the new executable over there, then restarted Visual and get the same errors on the multiple player color call.


For now, I just renamed it (to bypass it) and using it that way.

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27 minutes ago, RevEng said:

Sounds good! In the meantime, here's the direct link to the last released version... http://7800.8bitdev.org/images/6/63/Bblint_v0.13.zip


Once it's included with bB, I'll remove it from the VbB file I posted.

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