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Power Mac 6100 DOS Compatible

99'er Forever

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Don't know if there is any interest on here, but we are vintage computer enthusiasts.



For sale, Power Macintosh 6100/66 DOS Compatible. It is a standard Power Mac with a full PC on a expansion card. The PC is a Cyrix 486dx/66 with 16 mb ram and Sound Blaster compatible sound. It uses a standard Apple monitor, keyboard and mouse and can be switched between the two machines with a key stroke.

The PC has it own partition on the shared hard drive. I have all of the disk for the DOS compatible with all of the documentation. I don't have a MAC OS disc for it. I believe it has System 7.5 on it. I had Win95 on the PC part though it would run better with Win3.1


No keyboard or mouse included.


I don't have a Apple monitor anymore so I was unable to test it but I did plug it in and turn it on. It did fire up and the hard drive spun up so I believe it works fine.


Here is some more info on it






Asking $35 shipped obo in the US. Paypal accepted.







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Thanks. :)


It's all about timing, I guess. Earlier today, I was just lamenting the fact that I lost a box that contained a complete Mac PC Compatibility Card (the version with a P66 mhz cpu), and then I check AtariAge and see your Mac for sale. It will go nicely with my Mac LC with Apple II compatibility card.



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