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HSC Season 3 Week 33: Spy Hunter

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Spy Hunter

The player is a secret agent driving a car or a boat, rigged with all sorts of weapons, who fights other bad guys in various vehicles. The player drives on a vertically scrolling road on both dry pavement and snow. The theme music is Peter Gunn.


Game Information

Game Name: Spy Hunter

Released By: Bally Midway, 1983

MAME ROMset: SpyHunt

Dip Switches: Game Timer: 1:30

Chosen By: Mister VCS

ROM Location: http://romhustler.net/download/mame/4565

Twin Galaxies MAME World Record: 396,345


Competition ends Sunday, March 27 @ 12PM EDT



1. 50,480 mr. toast

2. 27,965 patbb

3. 21,120 LarcenTyler

4. 12,090 roadrunner

5. 7,230 rmaerz







Season Standings

Calculations through week 32

1. patbb 1454

2. rmaerz 1315

3. roadrunner 1044

4. FlyingTurtle 360

5. LarcenTyler 349

6. Zoyx 209

7. jasonbar 164

8. Dr Galaga 147

9. mr. toast 142

10. ClassicGMR 128

11. Rathis 75

12. HatefulGravey 38

13. LaserHawk 30

14. homerwannabee 20

15. 4Ks 18

16. chuckwalla 16

16. Mister VCS 16

18. riffraff 15

19. wizmo 8

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Anybody knows if there's a way to make the joystick less sensible?

The game is almost impossible to play

I tried with a standard and analog joystick.

I changed the analog sensibility but that does not help.

It's going left and right way too fast, I wonder if it's the same on the actual cabinet?


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You know, I personally think Peter Gunn works better than the James Bond theme. Maybe it's the tempo, or maybe it's just what we're all used to.


Is there a version with the James Bond theme?


I don't know if it's my MAME version but the music does not sound right.

I have the song at the beginning but I soon as the car hit something the music stop!

Or maybe I'm missing a sample?

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