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How many Atari units do you have?

Rhindle The Red

How many Atari units do you have?  

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  1. 1. How many Atari units do you have?

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    • 100 or more

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I have a few that I've picked up here and there. Most of them are used but, the last 7800 I picked up was like new and even came with the instruction manual and the clear film still on the metal plate.

Then, there's my LYNX model 2 that I got new in the box.


Atari VCS (6 Switch/wood grain type)

Atari 5200

2 Atari 7800s

Atari LYNX model 2

Atari 400

Atari Flashback

Atari Flashback 2

2 Atari plug'n plays


I think that's it except for a couple of incomplete consoles I have laying around.

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@trbb: I suspect your spending less time hunting for ever more Atari hardware and thus having more time for actually playing with them could be part of the reason your high scores far exceed mine (besides the falcon-like eyesight and lightning reflexes)....

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Mega ST



Lynx I

Lynx II





(in approximate order of acquisition from 1982 to 1995)

and awaiting 65/130XE


Plus 810, 1050, Indus GT, 1010, 1029, CX40, Trackball, Touchpad

Since my last post the following have enlarged my collection:



French 7800 (w/ SCART)

Mega ST4


400 NTSC

600XL (w/ non-Atari tape deck)



Somewhere in between a C128D (large plastic case) slippend in and all my other computing antiques carry an HP badge.


I am not sure whether to hunt for an 800XLF and XE to have one of everything or rather try to find a PAL 400...

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