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7800 HSC Season 3 Round 18 Midnight Mutants


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I was wondering would it be within the rules to SAVE a Mutants game, and get back to it later? Or do we have to play all in one session?


No, you can't use save states. You have to play it all in one session.


Oh ok then I quit while I'm lost lol, wanted to stop due to a headache but my (one session) score is,




for now...


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This round is over, congrats to atomickneedrop and Mord for beating Dr. Evil and saving Grampa! :)


Congrats to our Season 3 Champion Mord! :) :thumbsup:

Wear your virtual 7800 HSC Hall Of Fame jacket proudly. :) :cool:


I want to thank everyone who played this season. :) :cool: :thumbsup:

We had alot of new players. Congrats to all for making season 3 a big success. :)

I hope everyone had fun. :)



I'll post the final standings in a new thread soon!



The 7800 HSC will take a 1 month break.

Season 4 will begin on June 27th 2011

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