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Epic Adventure

Byte Knight

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my friend... this game is so hard on level 2. i have yet to beat it


Which part is too hard? The best strategy to beat level 2 is to grab the sword right away, then kill the dragon and the troll in the open rooms below your home castle. Here's a video on how to kill the troll with the sword using the slash and drop technique (I missed the troll the first try):




Hope this helps!

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I guess the question is, how many people had to resort to the drop-the-sword technique with the Troll? To me, the drop-the-sword technique should be a clever solution and not the only way to successfully defeat it.


It's not - the far easier way to kill the Troll is by hitting him with two fireballs from the staff from a long distance. The Troll will bull-rush you when injured, so the slash and drop technique is an alternate solution if you only have the sword handy. Also, the sword is the preferred weapon for seeking out enemies since the staff's fireballs can't penetrate the Dragon's armor.

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yep, I never knew one could go in through that way. But Im thinking that it serves a purpose... a strategy for beating it. But no, I havent beaten level 2 yet. One time i had the challice But couldnt get away from the wizard.


Use the ring to attract the chalice to you. The wizard returns to the center of the screen (y-axis, not x) when you leave the room. So, you can slowly get the chalice to come towards you by repeatedly entering and leaving the room from above or below. Then grab the chalice and make a run for it!


Otherwise, grab the staff and try to take out the wizard from below and to one side of him.

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Hope it will be released on cart soon.It is the best 2600 game ever. :)

greetings Walter


Once I get everyone's copy of Boulder Dash shipped, I'm going to work on the backlog of homebrew projects that are begging to be released in cartridge form, including Epic Adventure. :)



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Cool - thanks for the purchase! Would you mind posting a review here since there aren't any reviews yet?


At long last, I have finally beaten levels 2 and 3, so I just submitted a legit review, and am waiting for it to be reviewed.


While I'm here, do you have an ETA on EMR2? I tried it at the PRGE, and am looking forward to its release.


Have a great Christmas and New Year, everyone!

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