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7800 HSC Season 4 - Game 5 *Summer Sports Pack*


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5:06:57 2338 super skateboardin


I got the conveyor belt thing to work for a while.

basically, make sure its on, i get off the board, pick it up, go all the way to the left side of the conveyor belt, start moving right, press the button to jump up on the conveyor, keep moving right, press it again to jump down onto the board. you will be going faster until you crash. watch out for the hammers, as they may actually make you come off the belt slower. if so, go back and do the trick again.

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A slight improvement at Pete Rose Baseball, 15-2. It'd matter more if it were home team runs vs away team runs (the rule sheet at the top post says "scored by runs") but I'm assuming that isn't the case. A little clarification please?



I've finally gotten around to skating around the factory and wondering where the damn stairs are. My best so far is 1821 watts used in a time of 5:06







0-7 LOST... GAVE UP!


I was getting beaten pretty bad too, at first. I think it just takes some time to learn the game though. I dunno about you, but my biggest trouble was learning to infield. It's just not intuitive to have to switch to someone when some other guy is closer to the ball yet won't go pick it up! I can't tell you how many bases I've given up from that alone.

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Pete Rose


WON 20-10

1st try. I thought I was gonna do better but I have not yet and I have played it about 10 more times.


Super Skateboarin'


ALL 5:07:50


Golf?!?! Man I am the suck at it. I played 1 hole and said Eff This. I will try to complete a round soon lol




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deadline is looming,




do you guys want another 1 "week" to play these 3 games??


Some folks scores and golf scores are still not in... :ponder:



I think I'm ready to move on..........I didn't post a golf score because I didn't get past the first hole. I'm probably not going to make the effort to learn this one in the near future. But if others want more time, I'm fine with that. I can work on my skateboardin'.

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When my team plays, the fans LOVE that spot in the right field around the foul line and fight one another for those seats. Countless foul balls have left the park there!

My latest victory in baseball season 23 to 8!



I think I'm ready to move on too. If we in fact get another week I should just stop playing for that week, let everyone have a chance to catch up. And maybe work on that factory map for skateboarding if anyone cares about that.


By the way, here's why I have no golf score.


If I had known that Pebble Beach was a nice, brutal place for golf, complete with rivers of blood, I would have sought it while amassing my 7800 library!

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Looks like were moving on... to Galaga!


I'll figure the full results for the Sports Pack soon.

Maybe I can sneak in a Golf score. I did sit down with it last night. Check out the double Eagle on Hole 2 ;)


73 +1




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If anyone else wants to give golf/skate/baseball a last go,


I will accept any scores for the 3 games untill... MIDNIGHT Central time, then we're officialy done.


Galaga has begun in the meantime.

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+14[1ST] 16pts. atomickneedrop





+13[2ND] 13pts. bigbee99


+12[3RD] 12pts. Jifremok


+10[4TH] 10pts. Gorfy


+8 [5TH] 8pts. JacobZu7zu7


Well done peeps, was fun.


Fun fact,

The overall winner was decided by the last two skateboard scores...

+5 2. All 5:05:35 atomickneedrop

+4 3. All 5:05:41 bigbee99


atomic just slid right past bee on his board!



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I saw Atomic's score right before I went to bed and almost made one last run. DOH! Grats on a close round. Beleive it or not, I was starting to like the golf game by the end of it /blush


Now to figure out Galaga. I've broke 100k a few times, but that's about it.



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