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Stunt Cycle hack entitled "DAREDEVIL"


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Hey, hey. I finally finished a version of my Stunt Cycle hack.

I took away the landing ramp(Who needs it anyway?). I changed the first 4 "cars" to "busses". Then after the 4th jump, 4 cars, then a "bus" until the 9 th jump, then, well, tell me what you think.

I also madt ehe cycle look more like one. I also edited the wheelie graphics also.

This is my first hack, so any comments, negative or positive, will be appreciated.

Thanks again, and

Keep on Chooglin!


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The hack is to the 2600 game rom...playable on an Atari 2600 emulator. Which one is best depends on your system and needs...try them out (it's not like they cost you anything). If we heard of people hacking up an actual arcade game...it would be time to get a new rope. :x



Excellent...could you change the buses into Snake River Canyon? :lol:

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You might try making the ramps less wide (if you can find graphics of them). You should be able to squeeze in a couple more if you cut the ramps back to 3 pixels wide (I don't think that the program actually LOOKS at the angle of the ramps...the distance is just based on your cycle speed I think). Any more buses than that would require you to "cut" the pixels in half to make more (which is impossible). Of course, you could count the empty spaces 'twixt the pixels as buses ;) :D

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In a way. But, you cant land. You jump off screen, resulting in a crash.


Actually with the home dedicated version, when you got up to about 30 busses, you flew off the right side of the screen and could still "land" successfully and it would give you credit for a successful landing!


Any way to squeeze in some more busses .. and make it work .. that would be great!


Rob Mitchell, Atlanta, GA

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I use the Stella emulator and I was wondering if any of you know the answer to this. On Stunt Cycle/Daredevil, I know you must use the paddles to accelerate but I have no paddle hookup for my PC. I assume like some other paddle games I can use the mouse but that doesn't seem to work right either. The cycle is always going top speed so I just crash every time. Anybody know how to control the speed when using the Stella emulator?

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