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[Release] Bell Hopper


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On 2/1/2024 at 6:19 AM, Tjoppen said:

Yep, just checked. Versions 4-6 of the game supports paddles in the right port that can be switched to by pressing fire on the paddle. Joystick in the left port, also switched to by pressing fire on the joystick.

I've given this more thought.  Initially, I coded an exception for the Bell Hopper roms that are in this thread, but changed my mind based on the supposed intent behind the "Atari 2600 Paddle" directory's existence.  AFAIK, MyArcade meant for games that are placed in that directory to use paddles, so I 'fixed' it for them.


Does Stella support the behavior that you describe above?  If it allows for a detected or selected(through Stella's menu) controller type to be changed automatically during runtime, I'm not aware of that capability.


My current fix should allow- though I've not tested this specifically, for example:  Astroblast to be played with the user's choice of paddle or joystick by placing the rom inside of, or outside of the special folder.


Do you know of other games that use paddles and joystick 'simultaneously?'

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