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Happy 30th Birthday, Ms. Pac-Man


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I was playing this recently on my Mateos multi-cart, and realized that it still has the wrong sound when eating the monsters. I decided to update it with the latest POKEY sound code which also has some other minor improvements like the background sound changing speed as the dots are eaten. There is one version supporting both POKEY and TIA. It will first check for POKEY at $4000 on the cartridge, then check for one at $450 to support XM. If neither are detected, then it uses the original TIA sounds.






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Wait aren't the same dudes who made Ms.Pac-Man by hacking the old Pac-Man arcade are the same ones who made the 7800 unit it self?


Yes...And Food Fight as well as other games, like Rescue on Fractalus; all are from GCC.


They designed the high score cartridge, was going to develop the high performance, low cost, GUMBY sound chip for games too...Until Jack axed that.

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I just have to bump this thread! I recently got a Cuttle Cart (CC2) and am now fortunate enough to play a great, previously-undiscovered variety of games. Pac-Man 320 is one of these! I had no idea what the *320* meant, but now I understand that it's a graphical mode. WOW! The screen is LARGE and scrolls up when you need to visit the upper half. 


I love having the choice of playing all of these Pac-Man varieties! Pac-Man 320 is a near-perfect arcade port, and I'm think this release deserves more love. See Trebor's video for inspiration!


Are those colorful carts still available?

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Yes, and unfortunately, no they don't.  I don't know why - although I know it has something to do with when the 'change mode' reverse direction happens (especially the one within the first 5-7 seconds of the board).  I tried to adjust it side by side so it happens exactly when the arcade version does, but it was always a frame or two off.  Believe me, that makes a huge difference.

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