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The official "Moon Cresta" thread


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it's been a long time since I played the arcade game, is there some way you could use the number pad to control up and down 1 and 7 for left hand up and down 3 and 9 for right hand up and down and use the JS for left and right movement?

If you also had the player rotate the controller 90 degrees counterclockwise, this could work.

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The thing that got me interested on Crazy Climber is that it requires only 1KB of RAM, which means it could run on the plain vanilla CV... That and the fact it wouldn't be too hard to have smooth scrolling in that game.

Indeed, but the downside is the twin-joystick control scheme of the arcade game. I suppose you'll implement an equivalent system with only one joystick? :)

but wait, doesn't the roller controller hold two js? can they both be read at the same time?



If possible, Crazy Climber control would be perfect using two joysticks mounted into the roller controller!


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Moon Cresta was one of my favorite Space Invaders-style games. I would always play this one at the Dream machine arcade, as well as the "super" version I stumbled across in England.


So I would absolutely be interested in this one!



As for Crazy Climber- I would definitely recommend three options: 1 joystick, 2 joysticks without the RC (building a holder is easy, and RCs are a bit hard to find), and 2 joysticks with one. My own RC malfunctioned a while back, and playing the 2-joystick option that way would not have been possible until I was able to repair it.



I must stop by here more often. Money's been a serious problem lately, though.

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I remember this being in TOM HIRSCHFIELD'S HOW TO MASTER THE VIDEO GAMES, which I still have. It listed the fire button in the OBSERVATIONS section about docking as RETRO, which confused me.

The opening theme when you start a game is one of the most iconic arcade sounds of the early '80s to me. A bit creepy IMO.

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33 minutes ago, Tighe said:

Opcode just posted this video. Is this for sale yet? I don't want to miss out!




Hopefully before the end of this year. Grazi has started working on packaging, I am working on the game presentation: title screen, options screen, and the Eagle mode. :)

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