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...When I see stuff like this, I feel (usually) sort of discouraged and perplexed, at the same time...


Discouraged because by simply looking at the design, screen-plays, grafx. implementations, I immediately realize HOW F-LONG WAY I still have to go/learn about these tiny 8-bit machines...


You have to consider that these guys are no newbies. That's why I submitted a prod for this years compo.

If I would have waited till I could pull offs something like MaPa I would never release something. :)

Further I guess, you get more help from others if you release (minor) stuff. Because then they see you really want to do things and their time is not a waste.

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ZeroPage Homebrew is playing Marbled on tomorrow's ZPH stream LIVE on Twitch! Hope you can join us in the chat!



  • Marbled (2011 | A8) by Marek Pavlík @MaPa (Code), Zdeněk Eisenhammer @pseudografx (Ingame graphics, game design, and documentation) / Michal Szpilowski @miker (Music and sound effects)
  • Ridiculous Reality (2012 | A8) by Martin Šimeček @matosimi (Programming) / Adam Wachowski @+Adam+ (Level Graphics, Game Design) / Michał "stRing" Radecki @michomis (Music, Level Design) / Adam "Ooz" Powroznik (Title Screen & Ending Screen Graphics) / Jakub Husak (Cartridge Design & Production)


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Having circled back around into the 8-bits again something harder this time around lately, this looks incredible and not sure how I missed it! If I didn't know better, this could easily pass for a very high quality NES game back in the day! Love the level ending music, that's probably what solidifies it for me!

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