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HSC Round 4.9: Astro Blaster

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Astro Blaster


A multi-wave colour raster shoot-em-up. Features include speech, a warp button that slows enemies, docking to refuel and secret bonuses. Two items must be monitored throughout the game the laser temperature since overheating renders ship unable to fire and a fuel gauge that, when depleted, ends the entire game even if you have ships remaining.



Game Information

Game Name: Astro Blaster [Version 3]

Released By: Sega/Gremlin, 1981

MAME ROMset: AstroB

Dip Switches: Lives: 3

Chosen By: eggomania

ROM Location:

AtariAge Arcade/MAME HSC Record: n/a


Competition ends Sunday, October 30 @ 12PM EDT



1. 36,500 richard stewart

2. 34,690 M.A.M.E Offender

3. 26,980 Cynicaster

4. 21,360 bigbee99

5. 21,060 mr. toast

6. 16,480 Barra

7. 12,920 patbb

8. 6,360 roadrunner

9. 5,660 LarcenTyler







Season Standings

Calculations through round 8

1. bigbee99 166

2. patbb 135

3. Cynicaster 116

4. M.A.M.E Offender 109

5. mr. toast 91

6. kojr 39

6. keilbaca 39

8. richard stewart 48

9. roadrunner 34

10. LarcenTyler 23

11. JohnnyBlaze 11

12. NE146 8

13. retrorussell 5

14. rmaerz 4

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Me and my youngest son have been playing this one for about the past hour. When we first heard that bots voice we found humor in it. Then it began being annoying. But I swear he is my gaming good luck charm. When I was chasing the Mario Wii Record over at Twin Galaxies he and I would check levels for areas to point press together. I have to say, he would see some things that I would not, even at 5 years old. I used some of the areas he found in my runs :P


It hold true for this game. I'm over here grind and shooting and dodging and he taps the warp button! After I played around with it for a bit I realized you get one per sector. Not sure if they roll over or not. But enough with the rambling and on with the score!




He broke 4k :P



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@Larcen, this is indeed the game that Megamania was created from. You must be referring to the Atari 2600 version, right? I've played it, and it gets intense just like this one.


A difference between Astro Blaster and Megamania is the controls. In Megamania, you didn't have the option of time warping as there is only one button on the joystick. Also, there is unlimited firepower available on Megamania, where there is not on Blasters.






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I read somewhere that the original release of this game was so damn hard that they released new versions with toned down difficulty so that people would not get frustrated too quickly and stop dropping quarters. They did this by shortening the attack waves, slowing down fuel depletion, and slowing down heat-up of the laser. The version we're playing here (version 3) is apparently considered the "easy version".


Easy version... that's funny!

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