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Arcadia 2001 Multicart - 2011 version - any interest?


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Hello Arcadia 2001 fans (the few and far between? ;) ),


I recently purchased a Leisurevision, which is the Canadian version of the Emerson Arcadia 2001. I only have a few games for it, so I'm going to make a multicart for it. If it's only me who wants it, I'll go the quick-and-dirty method, hacking one together. If more are interested, I'll make a proper version, with the following features:

  • Includes all standard games that I'm aware of (Emerson and international games)
  • Includes enhanced versions of some of the games (as per Amigan website)
  • Includes (mostly subtle) alternate versions (as per theoldcomputer and Amigan)
  • Includes homebrews (as per theoldcomputer and Amigan, unless otherwise notified)
  • Total of close to 100 selections available
  • Does not include Tetris, which has a recent copyright notice (sorry, not a very good feature ;) )
  • Includes some (but not all) demos and test software to fill up the ROM space
  • Uses extra wide dip switches that should be able to be switched by hand (no pen or small tool required)
  • Full colour label on front and back of cartridge
  • Front of cartridge has listing of main games, for convenient switching
  • Back of cartridge has listing of enhanced and alternate versions, as well as demos and test software
  • Hopefully compatible with both long and short cartridges (short ones may not have as much listed on front)

I think that's it. Price would be about $110 plus shipping, via PayPal, which compares well with previous versions. I only have a handful of cartridges, so depending on demand, I may be looking at providing a kit (everything but the cartridge casing) or purchasing some commons (to be determined at a later date).





Here's an "non-artist's rendering" ;) of the cartridge, showing the extra wide dip switches. Don't worry, the final result would look much different than this:


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Thanks for the responses so far. If anyone else is interested, please reply - that'll give me a better idea how many PCBs to order, etc.


I'm starting work on this tonight. I can't give a completion date, because life is pretty crazy right now. I'll post updates in this thread.


My first task is to make measurements of the inside of the different cases.

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In my PCB layout software, I've created the PCB outline and placed all the required parts. All the connections have been made too, but I need to double-check everything.


I'll probably make a prototype based on the layout I've created, to verify that what's in my mind will work properly, and to verify the layout at the same time.

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Alright, this is good. I'm looking forward to getting this project completed. It looks like the PCB will fit in both the long and short cartridge housings. For the short housing, the bolt won't be able to be installed (at this point, anyway... that could change if I make the board longer), but the snaps on the side do a good job of keeping the housing closed.


I only have 5 games. If anyone has some loose common games, with the plastic in good condition, for sale, please send me a PM. The more the merrier, of course, to minimize overall shipping charges. Name your price, including shipping to postal code L0R 2C0 in Canada (or I could provide credit toward the purchase of a multicart).




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I'd like one too, please! I own one of the Ward Shrake multi-carts from years ago and it's also a dip-switch type. Hopefully these sell well and someday you (or another talented technical person) will create one with a menu system or ideally a memory card option to accommodate all of the future wonderful homebrews and newly discovered games :)


If you'd like any info or photos of the Ward Shrake multi-cart to help in your project let me know.

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I'd buy one provided it was under $100 shipped. $110 + shipping is pushing the envelope for me but I'd consider it. maybe just sell a bare pcb for under $100?

The first batch of orders that go through should be at or close to what you're asking for. I'll make sure you (and the others who have expressed interest) are informed once the project is ready.

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Just a quick update...


The PCB layout is complete, pending the building of a prototype for verification. The dip switches for the short version of the cartridge will be near the top, just below the name of the cartridge. For the long version of the cartridge, it will be closer to the middle of the cartridge (always on the front of the cartridge, as crudely shown in the picture in the first post).


Right now I'm having "fun" comparing the ROMs from the two sources mentioned in the first post, to make sure all variations are included. I may be off by a bit, but there's about 58 distinct games, plus about 28 variations and enhanced versions. The 512K multicart can handle 4K and 8K games without wasting space (2K and 6K games waste 2K of space each, but there's not too many of those), so there's room for about 20 demos and test software also.

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Here's a list of the files I'm including at this point. Please get back to me if you see anything missing that should be included...


Games from Amigan:

  1. 3DBowling
  2. 3DSoccer-A
  3. AmericanFootball
  4. AlienInvaders
  5. AstroInvader
  6. AutoRace
  8. Basketball
  9. Battle
  10. BlackjackPlusPoker
  11. BOXING
  12. BrainQuiz
  13. Breakaway
  15. CatTrax
  16. CIRCUS
  17. Combat
  18. CrazyClimber
  19. CrazyGobbler
  20. Doraemon
  21. DrSlump
  22. ESCAPE
  23. frogger
  24. FunkyFish
  25. GOLF
  26. GrandSlamTennis
  27. Hobo
  28. HorseRacing
  29. jtron
  30. JumpBug-A
  32. MissileWar
  33. MonacoGrandPrix
  34. MobileSoldierGundam
  35. Nibblemen
  36. OceanBattle
  37. Pleiades
  38. Parashooter
  39. R2DTank
  40. RedClash
  41. RobotKiller
  42. ROUTE16
  43. SOCCER
  44. SpaceAttack-A
  45. SpaceMission
  46. SpaceRaiders
  47. SpaceSquadron
  49. SpaceVultures
  50. StarChess
  51. superbug
  52. Superbug2
  53. SuperDimensionFortressMacross
  54. TanksALot
  55. TheEnd
  56. TurtlesTurpin


Alternate versions from Amigan:

  1. SupperGobbler
  2. SpaceAttack-B
  3. SpaceAttack-C
  4. 3DSoccer-B
  5. JumpBug-B


Alternate versions from theoldcomputer:

  1. Spiders (1982)(UA Ltd.)[o]
  2. Auto Race (198x)(UA Ltd.)[o]
  3. Crazy Climber (1982)(UA Ltd.)[aka Crazy Wall]
  4. Crazy Gobbler (1982)(UA Ltd.)[o]
  5. Frogger v1.03 (200x)(Amigan Software)
  6. JTron (2003)(Amigan Software)(PD)
  7. JTron v1.1 (2003)(Amigan Software)
  8. Red Clash (1982)(UA Ltd.)[o[


enhanced versions from Amigan:

  1. starche!
  2. ssquadr!
  3. the-end!
  4. 3dsocce!
  5. alienin1
  6. alienin2
  7. alienin3
  8. alienin4
  9. gridiro!
  10. golf!
  11. HOBO!


demos from Amigan:

  1. stub
  2. 8sprites
  3. mothship
  7. MUSIC
  10. hscroll
  13. sound
  16. tester3
  17. 8sprites

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Ooh I would be interested in this too. I have a few games that would go for $40 each on ebay in seconds and I'd have enough for this awesome custom item. Custom items are one thing I always keep. Everything else can be sold and bought again. To me the Arcadia 2001 experience would be best via this multicart because I don't find it worth tracking down the original carts for it. They're just too hard to find and when you finally do get them they weren't worth all the effort.


I also overpaid for my system so I think it would be best I keep this one and have this multicart to play games from.

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Thanks for all the interest so far. I'm looking forward to showing a picture of the final product sometime in the future! In the meantime, I've got the ROM files assembled into one large 512K file. The next task for the project is to build a prototype, after which I will order PCBs and other parts, and start on the label design.


When these are completely ready to go, I'll send a PM to everyone who has expressed interest in purchasing one (at that point I'll also ask if you'd prefer a long cartridge, short cartridge, or don't care). Anyone who has expressed interest before that point will get a price break. I'll give some notice to this date, which will hopefully be sometime in December (so continue to post here or send me a PM if you're interested in one). A few days later, once they've had a "head start" (and once I've mailed them out), I'll open up the sales to anyone else. These sales may also get a full or partial price break, up until a certain date or quantity, after which they'll have a "regular" price. Things are subject to change, of course, but this is the plan as of now.

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