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Boulder Dash(R) Label Contest!


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Wow, some awesome stuff so far. Definitely have my work cut out for me.


I've worked on 2 submissions so far today, and will hopefully have those and 2 more done before the deadline. Luckily I haven't seen any labels yet that are similar to mine.

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Phew, 6 minutes before the deadline I sent in my contribution. Sadly thanks to my slacking off it´s not entirely what I envisioned, I had to cut corners to get it done in time... but well, it´s my own fault.^^ At least it looks pretty different from the others.^^


I am actually happy with the artwork, but the fitting on the cart label could be better (actually wanted the character smaller with more surrounding), and I had to use an unfinished logo. I didn´t even manage to g the copyright info on the label yet, but I read that this can be done afterwards as well..Half an hours ago I was still coloring, and then I had to fight to get the First Star and AA logos on there (how the **ck do I get transparency in Paint for Win 7?).


Also, I had a bad idea coloring with the PC. I scanned my drawing as monochrome bitmap and was shocked how the lines became fuzzy and fractured in the process. I had to retrace pretty much every single line on the pic on PC before I could even start coloring. Is there any trick how to do this decently? Or a program that "closes" lines that became fractured during scanning?



Cost me the night. :P



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Hi Al,


have all the labels been put up, or did some more come in under the wire that haven't been posted yet?


I received several additional labels last night (at least five) that I'll post to the contest page this evening. :)




Cool, thanks. Can't wait to see them.



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Some nice work all around!


I would say my top 4 are, in no particular order:


1. Tim Madle #2 - Kinda an art deco feel to this label.


2. Rob Kelly #2 - This one reminds me of the Atari artwork style from the picture labels: games like Defender, Warlords, Video Chess, etc.


3. Ivan Machado #1 - I like his green eyes, and the checkered framing around Rockford.


4. André Bolfing #1 - This label reminds me of M. C. Escher's Relativity stairs.


Good Luck! :)

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i sent this entry yesterday (too late for the contest i gues ;)






this my top five


Brian Ostrowski (Entry #1)

Dave Dries (Entry #1)

Ivan Machado (Entry #1)

Jason Rein (Entry #2)

Nathan Strum (Entry #2)




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