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Question about the cloud.


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There are many of us who enjoy playing online and using Netflix and what not who think the $5 a month is worth it, James. That's why it's called Gold. It's above and beyond the basic. Like so many other things in life. That's all they are trying to say. :)

I understood what they are saying.

If someone even wanted to pay $20 a month for online play, they have every right to do that. Go for it.

But trying to tell me I'm wrong somehow and that it's such a great deal when everything but online play can be accessed without an added fee... that is opinion and I don't agree.

The defenders of the faith just don't like me expressing my opinion.


BTW, as the number of the subscribers goes up, the cost per subscriber goes down, yet Microsoft is charging more.



On top of that, Microsoft runs ads on everyone's machines. Everyone is already paying to use XBOX Live, Gold subscriber or not. There is no free version of XBOX Live.

And as subscribers go up, Microsoft can charge more for the Ads.

Do adds go away when you pay for Gold? No. Hell, that alone might be worth paying for Gold.


I used to subscribe to gold, but after several years all I have to show for it is a Finger Eleven concert video.

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BTW, as the number of the subscribers goes up, the cost per subscriber goes down,


This is simply ignorance. (Not unlike many statements made in this ruined thread) How exactly do you figure this? Do you know how HUGE of a network it takes to support millions of people? Do you have any idea the cost of upgrading and maintaining that network? I'll give you a hint. One blade, in one router cost more than you make in a year. And there has to be routers all over the country. Not to mention servers, circuits, security, software, employees both in house and the field. That's the fact JamesD. The added perks, and players take MORE resources, not less. This is why ISPs like AT&T are raising their data plans. Comcast just raised their rates as well. Networks all over are taking a beating right now. The cost doesn't go down at all.


Just quit while your behind JamesD. We get it. You have no concept of why people would pay money for Live, and your assumtions about Live as a whole are mainly based on misinformation. This isn't the thread for that nonsense. Start your own thread where you can discuss JamesD beliefs in regards to what is worth it.

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Well if you DO want to pay money for Live, now's a good time since Amazon is selling 12 month codes for $36


These go fast so snag em if you want them. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0029LJIFG/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&tag=atariage&linkCode=as2&camp=1789&creative=390957&creativeASIN=B0029LJIFG


(Sorry JamesD but that's $3/month too much I know.. better save the $3 monthly for a number of years to get another hard drive in 2015 :P)

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BTW, as the number of the subscribers goes up, the cost per subscriber goes down, yet Microsoft is charging more.

They didn't start charging more until they added more content like ESPN and Hulu Plus. I doubt these companies let MS do this for free since it added to the value of Xbox Live Gold. I"m sure it didn't cost them $10 a year per account but it's a business. There's also nothing wrong with not wanting to have a Gold account.
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