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WOW, amazing work! WILL you be developing this further? I think it would be a huge hit with some more time invested :D

A definite win. Probably one of the first few home brews that I actually played for more than 30 minutes ;)


Now as far as constructive suggestions:


Animations for the ship such as thrust animations? Damage animation?

Perhaps alternative ship models? /ship selection screen

Weaponized ships... which would also include enemies or barriers to shoot.

Music. Simple fast paced electronic drums would help :P


SOLID SOLID game idea that you have going here. :jango:

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Thanks for the feedback!

About background music: yeah I know it's really missing. I selected a nice oldskool synthpop module that I played a lot while developing the game.

However U-235 sound engine can't play it yet. I contact LinkoVitch about this and he explained me that he just doesn't have enough free time and energy to work on it currently.

If someone wants to make an original module for the game, within the constraint on U-235se v0.18, he's welcome to do it! Just send me a PM.


The sound files are from http://www.findsounds.com/

Yeah, it does sound like F-Zero a bit.


About further improvements:

I'm not sure I'm going to continue working on it right now. However a "Tube 2" is likely somewhere in the future.

The main problem is that it's currently running at 30 fps (on NTSC) with very little margin. Any addition would most likely slow it down dramatically (like enemeis or barriers to shoot).

Optimization may still be possible though.

I'd really like to add curves. Curving up and down should be possible without much performance loss (it's mostly about skipping lines the right way).

However curving left and right without severe performance loss seems more difficult. But there might be a way.


Animating the ship is possible, without performance loss. However it is lot's of drawing work and that's not really my cup of tea.


Anyway... yeah curves... that really tickles my brain...

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Hi there,


The run and load adresses of the .cof file are found by ULS (4000 for both) and the game can easily be burnt with Discjuggler.

As said it is a race against the clock and the more you drive on the stars the more speed you get.

There are not only stars but other items in the pipe like warps or volcano lava...


Here are some screenshots I just made few minutes ago:





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Nice game, plenty of fun!


Enjoyed it apart from sometimes when you die the game puts you back on in impossible places - dead ends with nowhere to go but death over and over (like towards the end of BBQ - the only way out is to keep killing yourself straight away to get it to take you back more & more to where you know you can continue). Obviously if you're not crap and don't die it's not going to be an issue :D

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I'm not sure I'm going to continue working on it right now. However a "Tube 2" is likely somewhere in the future.


If you do this you should consider locking the tracks except the first & have them unlock when the player gets good enough times on each successive track - unlocky stuff rules, it gives more incentive to keep going back for more. Different ships with varying attributes is also worth having, of course locked until you prove you're good enough to own them :) Also a level builder would be fun. And a webscores system as this kind of game is all about being the fastest and showing it off. There's probably loads more suggestions & I know how coders hate suggestions all the time, but the basic game idea is sound and deserves a full game to be built around it.

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I had problems loading this on my Skunk, so I called my friend Jiffi, and he turned it into a headerless rom (kudos to Reboot).


Loaded the game, works like a treat!


I really like the concept of this game, and it's very nice to play.


Thank you for sharing this, Dr Typo :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

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