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Vectrex - Have these ROMs been indeed released?


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Hello everybody.


I'm quite puzzled by the homebrew activity around the Vectrex. It seems to me that there is a lot of movement, with many people programming new software, but then the movement lacks a common meeting point and the news are spread all over.


There are at least two self-appointed VectrexWIKI that, although being both a positive idea, are both far from being complete, up to date and exhaustive. ROMs are spread all over, mostly on non-Vectrex dedicated websites, all of which IMHO are incomplete and cluttered with unfinished demos, useless beta or alfa versions and other meaningless bits of sowtware that add nothing but confusion to the Vectrex system.


Does anyone perhaps know of a website with a (reasonably) coplete list of Vectrex software (not necessarily with ROMs), really cured and up-to-date, in first place, where I can check exactly what I have and what I am missing?


About tsunami and vix: I have only seen (very interesting) demos, does anyone know if the project has been completed in the end? Has the final ROM been released to public?


Also, what about the ROMs of games like I, robot; Debris; Spike Circus; Vectoblox?


Thanks for reading.

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Some of the games with no ROMs listed are also still available for sale. I recently bought I, Cyborg, of which there are a (very) few copies left. Fury does seem to release ROMs for most of his games, barring the limited edition versions, once they sell out.


Either way, thanks for that link to vectrex.nl -- though out of date, it's still very handy, and helps clarify where I should focus my purchasing efforts. (I really need to get a flashcart! Will the VecMulti be coming back into print?)

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It's out of stock because I've run out of cart cases. I have to order these from the US (I'm in the UK) and they take quite a while to get here (longer if Sean has to have more made in China).


Sounds like finding a new distributor would be a solution a bunch of peoples problems.

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