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Try using ePSXe. http://www.fantasyanime.com/emuhelp/emuhelp_epsxe.htm <-that link will help you out with how to setup the Emulator.


As for the music, I'm just browsing the existing PSF library available on the NET and picking/choosing what I find sounds good for each boss fight.

If you want, Play the game first, then tell me if you can compose something more fitting for a particular Boss Fight. If you can, Post IT in the Format of Midi/SF2. I'll definitely listen to it, maybe others will listen too. If it's cool, I'll use it.

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Well, I thought maybe this would be good for the title screen or a selection screen.



If you like it, I can make up more. I had a hard time trying to get the emulator to work, but finally did, although I have a problem with it (I don't know if it's your game or not), if I close the emulator mid-game, the music continues, which is kind of weird since I closed it.

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The Midi's nice, but I think it'd sound better if you used better instruments. As much as I love general midi, you can always do better.


if I close the emulator mid-game, the music continues, which is kind of weird since I closed it.


If the music is still playing, Check your Task Manager/Process tab. You'll notice that the Emulator isn't really closed, it's just not visible. This happens if you try to close the window while playing, instead press ESC then close.

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They sound OK, but not quite as good as the PSF selection i have to choose from. I would suggest using your own Sound fonts instead of general midi.




How about Hydro Woman? A woman of the water, maybe a mermaid perhaps?


Have you played Megaman Lately?


MM9 [splash Woman]



Before I start putting in water Bots, I need to program some Water Physics first.

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(no intro) - [15.4 MB] <-(smaller file size)

source - [308 KB]


Here's another update. I've just added PLANT WOMAN. THANX RADIX for the character design and the idea of slinging Roll across the stage. (which is not in this video BTW, I died to soon before I could get tossed...)

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OK, I am in awe. Who did the animation in the beginning before the title screen? I am trying to make my own PSX game but I can't even get sound to work. I tried psxdev.net, and although they help me, I think I am a lost cause because I am still a newbie to PSX programming. I go by the username "Chris" over there, and I'm the guy trying to make the Jack and the Beanstalk homebrew game. I also have another question:

What is the difference between ISO, and EXE? I'm wondering if I can't get the sound to work because perhaps I am programming it wrong? I was wondering how to get sound in my game. If you want, have a look at the source code at http://www.atari2600land.com/jackandthebeanstalk/

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-Little update
Beta Testing Underwater Mechanics for Bubble Woman Stage. If I end up having performance issues i will decrease the amount of fish rendered. Also I might end up changing the way the bubbles look to be more realistic... Sorry if anyone is still waiting for Game Updates, but I've been so busy with Job/Work that I haven't had any time to do much of anything except a whole bunch of nothing :(
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I back
Long over due but shout outs to LS_Dracon for the Slash Woman design. Will be giving thanks in game from now on to him and anyone else who submits a design to me.
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