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Atari ATW800 video question


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Well you will need at least a sync splitter and likely a scan doubler as well. Might be better to look for a used CRT Sony PVM monitor.




According to wikipedia, the transputer video output ranges from 512*480 to 1280*960. So I think it outputs 31KHz signal so you don't need a scan doubler.

At work I have a 19" monitor with BNC connectors for RGB and H-SYNC and V-SYNC. Don't think it will work with sync on green.


At DealExtreme they have VGA to BNC cables. I suppose they are meant for VGA on PC and BNC on monitor but I think they should work the other way around to. About sync, I suppose you can try to connect green to V-Sync/H-sync connection too using a T-connector. I don't think modern monitors work without a signal on the sync inputs.



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