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Interest check - Pac-man Arcade for the 5200


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Hi everyone. I'm would like to get an idea how many people would be interested in buying a cart of Pac-man Arcade for the 5200. I'm working on converting it from the 8-bit computers and hope to have cartridges available before the end of the month. I'll be asking $30 + shipping for the cart. I'm not producing boxes or a manual.


I'll post a demo that can be used on flash carts in the next week or so. If your not familiar with what I did on the computers, you can find more info and a demo here http://www.atariage....cepting-orders/. The 5200 version will include the attract mode screen but will not be able to save the high score. I'll be using standard 32k carts.


PM me if you want to be put on the list for a cart. I'm starting out building about 20. I'll build more if there is enough interest.



Edit: July 17, 2012


latest demo build. Fixes rolling of splash screen and implements ATRACT color shifting.



Photo of cart







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Will there be a version for multicarts like what was done for the a8?

Full working game minus the splash screen.


I'll release a demo in a few weeks. Could release the full bin later. I havn't thought too much about it.

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OK, I'm very 5200-illiterate....never had one, played an actual one maybe once about 26 years ago, and only ran a few games through emulation. I thought the 8-bit computer version was the same as the 5200 version, no??


Curious - what would be different about Pac-Man Arcade???

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The original Pac-man carts for the 5200 and 8-bit's are nearly the same but the 5200 has the intermissions. The 8-bit version was 8k while the 5200 version is 16k. My update is based Ms. Pac-man and has better graphics and sound. I've revamped all the game logic so that pac/ghost speeds and behaviors are the same as arcade version. You can find my 8-bit version in the link provided if you want to compare against the original 8-bit/5200 versions.

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Here's a demo of first three levels to try out. I'll post the full version when's it's ready for production. Hopefully we won't find many bug's and can get this wrapped up in a week or so. I haven't tried on hardware since I don't have a 5200, but I'm working on that.




Control's are the same as in Ms. Pac-man.


* selects level

# number of players

start - starts

pause - pauses

reset - resets to menu when game is paused




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I tried the demo in my atari max sd cart and it looks good but I could not start a game. I don't know what the issue is but what I saw looks good.


I've only been able to test in Atari800win but it works fine there. Do the * and # buttons work? All buttons are read with the same code so if those work, the start button should work as well.

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Are you setting the keyboard IRQ vector & registers properly for 5200, I wonder? here's some sample code for comparison:

ldx #$0B ;12 values in OS ROM table
lda InterruptVectorData,x
sta $0200,x
bpl SetOSVectors
.byte $03,$FC ; VIMIRQ (Immediate IRQ vector)
.byte $B8,$FC ; VVBLK1 (Immediate VBI vector)
.word VBITitle ; VVBLKD (Deferred VBI vector)
.word DLIRoutine ; VDSLST (DLI vector)
.byte $02,$FD ; VKYBDI (Keyboard IRQ vector)
.word KBCodeVector ; VKYBDF (Keypad routine continuation
; vector)


lda #$40 ; Set POKMSK and IRQEN to #$40
sta POKMSK ; to enable the "other key" interrupt
sta IRQEN ;  I have seen #$80 be used too - not sure of differnece
lda #$22 ;Enable DMA
lda #$C0 ; Enable NMI

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