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i've made close to around 700 overlays since june and most people have been really happy with their orders. with a few here and there that are wildly picky about a homemade project.


Have you seen my psychedelic overlays?


I must admit I have not, I just started looking around for some overlays this week. I had been playing most of my games without overlays for years, I am now looking to "enhance" my Vectrex experience.

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OK kids I'm back...but not really. It's been YEEAAARRS since I've made my overlays and I'm honestly flattered that I had some sort of legacy with this community. If anybody wants to know my method, let me know. It's honestly not that difficult...it just takes some time and patience. Obviously if I was able to plug them out as rapidly as I did, you can do it too.

I am interested. I am looking to make them for myself as I have the Sean Kelly cart.

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