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Atari Forum down

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I have had to take the forum offline while I investigate a potential security breach. I noticed some top level forum labels had been altered - consequently I need to go through and figure out if anything else has been 'amended'.


Once I'm happy the site is secure again, I will bring it back online.


In the meantime, any attempt to access Atari-Forum will result in a 403 error.


Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Ouch. Glad to see you're on top of it. Nice going Dal.


I'm lonely already, just knowing AtariForum is down... :)


Imagine the ones with a 5+ post average per day, I won't name any names. Probably curled up in a corner in the fetal postion already. :-D

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Hey orpheuswaking, noticed that your're in

Indianapolis. Does it usually snow there around Thanksgiving weekend / beginning De

c ?

I be planning a trip to Florida around that time (but probably next year) and the plane transits there.

I don't want to be snowed in and stuck at the airport.

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I need to get it running to a degree this morning. Essentially this is awful timing as this week I had several loooooong days on site with customers (1 was an unscheduled 12 hour marathon) also had 2 studio sessions in the evenings and as I was staying at my parents in London; away from the comfort of decent internet access. I don't really like doing admin stuff over 3G in case it drops out.


I really need to apply some patches but I can't risk doing that before I fly out on holiday later today. So I will just tighten some passwords and bring it back up. I will need to take it down once I'm back so I can apply the patches to phpbb, mediawiki and tapatalk.

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SERIOUSLY!! Why would an attacker attack Atari-forum, or Candle's site, for that matter. I mean, seriously, what had they hoped to gain? There are so many more potentially-lucrative sites ON THE WHOLE OF THE INTERNET. Sad, but when this crap happens and the site administrator overcomes it (with much effort), it really show their commitment to the Atari scene for dealing with this crap, and I, for one (and I think a bunch of others) really appreciate it! Best of luck, and THANK YOU. I should say the same of Albert.

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Mr Dal, didn't you say last time your site went down that you were looking to get a new 'hoster' for your site (sorry, couldn't bother myself with locating the relevant thread)


If that was so, going by what you said, then shouldn't this 'new hoster' also be providing secure hosting services as part of their remit (seeming as though you are PAYING for their hosting services), which logically means that your site can't get hacked into or changed like you mentioned in post no.1 (unless i am clearly missing something ofcourse)

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