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Nightmare On Elm Street (Atari 2600) WIP

Atari Adam

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yes PR did get a C&D from the big N the game is no longer for sale the rom is still available though.

I do think the horror community is more relaxed then the gaming one. good luck with that.

l would love to see a game based on Svengoolie(chicagos horror host,who is also on metv)

have sven try to duck chickens that are chucked at him and such lol

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I PM'ed Adam with my usual terms so at least negotiations have started with one capable programmer. I know Cybearg sounded interested too.


I hope you like the Texas Chainsaw Massacre game.. 'cuz this sounds a lot like it :)

I did like TCM

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Things are getting closer to a programmer for this project. As stated by theloon, we have talked a little bit about the game thus far and I have been talking with Cybearg as well. It is excited and making this more excited as things are set into place and ideas are rolling. I am going to give it a little bit and really think into the game more. Talking with Cybearg earlier today opened up a lot of questions on where to go with the game and what we are capable of doing and producing as far as a finished final product. I would like to say we will have a definite programmer soon for this and things should start happening hopefully by the start of the new year as far as programming goes on the game, if not sooner. This is a project that I hope breaks some barriers and brings forth something new and entertaining not only for the horror fans but gamers in general.

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i don't know hwo you are, but please make that happen :) i just came across this thread and god's my witness, i'll buy vcs just to play that game, i'm stunned :)

Many thanks gorgh, we are working hard and assembling a dev team to make this happen for everyone. Keep posted. More stuff coming soon. :thumbsup:

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Is there any new updates on Pac man red.

I think you might be mis-reading something. PAC-MAN- RED is a member of these forums and contributes to a lot of projects with his amazing sprite work. In fact, his avatar gives me hope that someday we might see a de-make of Kings Quest for the 2600. With some of the new size capabilities on the carts- it seems possible. (But I'm just a fan.. Not a programmer)

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