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New Atari 2600 and 7800 Games Available!


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I've just added the new Atari 2600 and 7800 releases from the recent Portland Retro Gaming Expo to the AtariAge Store!


2600 Games:






Epic Adventure:




Pac-Man 4K:




7800 games:


Meteor Shower:












Crazy Brix:




Moon Cresta:




Some notes:


  • Moon Cresta is only available in boxed form right now. I'd like to recoup some of my investment I made in the boxes (they are not cheap!)
  • Tempest for the Atari 5200 is coming, but it's going to be several weeks. I'd like to build up a small stock before I add them to the store, as they are quite time consuming to make due to the cartridge shells.
  • I have a limited number of boxes for several of the 7800 games: Scramble (6 boxes), Rip-Off (6 boxes), Meteor Shower Blue (2 boxes), and Meteor Shower Red (3 boxes). If you'd like a boxed version of one of these games, please PM me and I'll hold a box for you. You can then purchase the game in the store, send the difference via PayPal, and I'll make sure you get the appropriate boxes.
  • I will be making boxes available for ALL of these games in the upcoming months, once I put a new store online. I know many of you have purchased one or more of PacManPlus' 7800 games without a box and are interested in obtaining them. This will happen!
  • If you just want manuals for games previously purchased from PacManPlus, they are $5 each--PM me for details.


7800 Boxes:






Don't forget I have also restocked AtariAge T-shirts in navy blue and maroon! And finally, there are still a small number Boulder Dash available, but these won't last much longer...


If you have any questions, you can post here or PM me privately.





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You going to be putting up any gameplay video for these? I'd really like to see Meteor Shower and Crazy Brix since I hadn't heard of these particular titles before.


Yes--I ordered a composite / S-Video video capture device yesterday and I'll have it tomorrow. I'll be using it to make video of 5200 and 7800 games. Nathan Strum is putting together some videos for the new 2600 games. He's already created one for Chetiry, I'll upload that now and add it to the store! :D



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No, I think that was changed some time ago. I believe the Gameboy ending is still in, though. :D


The gameboy colored version was only released as a demo. Unfortunately there wasn't enough space to include it as an extra in the release version. There is indeed still a gameboy style ending in the game though ...



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Are any of these games limited runs? I'm particularly interested in the 7800 Moon Cresta and box. That packaging looks gorgeous! I don't want to order just now as I'm a little skint and I won't have a 7800 until Golden Ax finishes the anniversary models... :)

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Us 7800ers are very fortunate to have Bob programming games, he is like a team of programmers in one cranking out piles of great games. oh if you like vetrex stlye graphics check out Rip off. and Scramble rules as well. Also if you think atari shoulda had a theme mascot style platformer check out Bentley Bear for the 7800 will be the greatest 7800 game ever coded...Hell buy a 7800 then play 2600 games as well.(was this the first backwards compatible without any plug ins or adapters console??)

With Chetiry looking that amazing on the 2600 kinda pointless to me to have another version on ANY system..

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