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Joe Musashi

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Didn't I see an actual cartridge for this????

AtariAge makes one-off cartridges for "show" events like PRGE.

The AtariAge Store can make *some unreleased / unfinished one-off cartridges. (*some, meaning getting the game atrist's permission, must comply with website rules, etc.)


That's probably what you are remembering.

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I just played this again on stella. I really want this on a cart.


I agree!

I'd have a one-off made of Pac-Man 8K V7-test, but I am waiting to see if he programs in the "cornering speed up" that helps Pac-Man get away.

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Hm, not good. Do you know if this can be triggered somehow? Maybe pressing the start button at a specific point?


Also, are you running from a Harmony or is this a self-made cart? Something like the shown behavior can happen if there is no SARA RAM present.


OMG, I didn't know it needed a SARA. I was neglected that information and had not read this thread. Carry on.

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Awesome port! Absolutely brilliant. My twin daughters (4 year olds) immediately demanded a feature request: the princess should also rescue Mario. :D


Hijack thread alert!

My Verison has this: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/216037-dk-arcade-2600-new-4-level-demo/?p=2818302

Move Joystick direction to select Character and Level Order

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