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Season 10 Round 1 - American Gladiators


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Welcome to round 1 of the 10th season of the Atari Age NES High Score League!


I'm going back to 2-week rounds this season.


I am also going to make up a list of games for this season based on people's recommendations, but I played this game for the first time over the Winter break, and I found it to be surprisingly entertaining. So I thought it would make a cool HSC game.


This round ends on Sunday, January 13th.


Title: American Gladiators

Developer: Incredible Technologies

Publisher: GameTek

Released: October 1991 (US)




Rules: None, really. You can play the game in any order that you like. Probably best to figure out which events are the easiest for you, and play those first to maximize your score.


Scores so far:


WispFollower 808

Skosh 759

cparsley 462

Jibbajaba 310

asponge 307

roadrunner 282

classicgamer_27330 159

darthkur 155

asponge 138

jblenkle 117

Liduario 110


Current standings:



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I've never played this game before either. Here's my first shot: 138.




If anyone's interested I grabbed an FAQ with the controls for each event:



DIRECTIONAL PAD: Move right, left, up, or down.

START: Pause button

A BUTTON: Pick up game balls, put them in baskets.




DIRECTIONAL PAD: Move up, down, left, or right.

START: Pause the game.

B BUTTON: Picks up missile launchers.

A BUTTON: Fires missiles.




DIRECTIONAL PAD: move left or right, positioning of your jousting


A BUTTON: jump in-between battles, attack with jousting stick at


A BUTTON + DOWN: attack with jousting stick at lower level.

A BUTTON + UP: attack with jousting stick at the head.

B BUTTON + LEFT: guarding position.




DIRECTIONAL PAD: Move right and left on the platform. Move up

and down on the rope (when you get the Clenched Fist item).

A BUTTON: Jump on rope, charge off rope.



---THE WALL---

DIRECTIONAL PAD: Controls which direction you are gonna climb.

START: Pauses the game

B BUTTON: Controls left hand.

A BUTTON: Controls right hand.




Part 1 - Platforms: Dodge balls while jumping from platform to

platform. If a ball touches you, you get knocked around. These

are to knock you off the platforms.

DIRECTIONAL PAD: Move right and left.

DOWN: Duck, deflect balls away from you.

START: Pause the game.

A BUTTON: Jump (The longer you hold it, the higher you jump).

A + LEFT/RIGHT: Control the direction you jump.


Part 2 - Hand Bike: Move right and left while dodging balls.

If a ball touches you while you're on the bike, you fall.

START: Pause the game.

LEFT OR RIGHT: Move left or right.

DOWN: Duck, deflect balls away from you.


Part 3 - Moving Treads: Same as platforms, only they are

controlling the direction you move.

DIRECTIONAL PAD: Move left or right.

START: Pause the game.



Part 4 - Sliding Handbars: Tests your timimg. Jump from

handbar to handbar on your way to the floor.

START: Pause the game.

A BUTTON: Jump off the handbar.

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What time is the cut off point?


I'll log in first thing Monday morning and post a reply here stating that the round is over. Any posts that make it in before that will count. So basically anything that you can post before bed tomorrow night.



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