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Vectrex Controller Feet


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So i just got my hands on a vectrex, which apparently hasnt really seen much action for most of its life apart from being moved around a loft. Theres a little bit of wear and tear but imo nothing serious.


There is one thing im wondering about, are the four feet on the controller able to be replaced easily?


I'm not 100% sure if they are plastic inserts or rubber thats just turned hard. But ideally i'd like to renew them as the controller never sits still on the table...or is this normal? haha.


Any info would be great.

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Yeah, I could never find rubber feet small enough to fit into the recess. The closest was this one but they are about 1/32" too big. With a little work though they can be made to fit. I can send some along to you if you want, no charge. If you're interested, PM me with your address.


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lgallair thanks for the helpful reply and the offer :) Im over in the UK so i couldnt let you post them for free...


As it happens, today I've spent a little while searching about and i think i may have found some that should do the trick. I've ordered them anyway so will see how close they are once they arrive.

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