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Season 10 Round 2 - Tecmo Super Bowl


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If anyone wants to play a real bad football game you gotta play Touchdown Football for the Atari 7800

I posted a video on youtube

My tip is if your nowhere near the other teams endzone it's best to punt the ball even on first down and try to get a INT with your defense to get great field position.




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Out of curiosity I looked up the Q. Bills name and supposedly Tecmo didn't have rights to use the quarterback's "likeness". There were apparently several other players like this as well.

Apparently it was not mandatory that you be in the union (NFLPA) and some player chose not to, including Jim Kelly (Bills), Bernie Kosar (Browns) and Randall Cunningham (Eagles) in this game.

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I also found a super bowl for 2012-2013 here: http://www.nesreproductions.com/

I really didn't know nothing about the nes homebrew scenario... Interesting to check it.


Recently I've bought a nes system (the nes clone I had when I was a teen) and I'm going to order a multi-cart (powerpack I believe) for it. But I don't plan to go much deeper in the nes again...

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Final scores:


WispFollower 88 +9

classicgamer_27330 72 +6

cparsley 63 +3

Chuck D. Head 55 +1

asponge 53 +1

roadrunner 49 +1

skosh 42 +1

Liduario 32 +1

jblenkle 11 +1

darthkur 6 +1



Current standings:


1. WispFollower 18

2(t). classicgamer_27330 7

2(t). Skosh 7

4. cparsley 6

5(t). asponge 2

5(t).roadrunner 2

5(t).darthkur 2

5(t).jblenkle 2

5(t).Liduario 2

10(t). Chuck D. Head 1

10(t).Jibbajaba 1

10(t).asponge 1

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