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NES joystick controllers


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Probably not exactly the right forum, but I thought in this HSC, you guys know a little about NES controllers. Here's the thing:


I only discivered the NES as a serious gaming system recently - believe it or not, and shame on me. But I still can't stand the normal gamepads. Joystick guy through and through, I guess. I did get a hold of the NES Advantage already, but that thing is kind of bulky and the buttons tend to get stuck. Can you guys point me towards some alternatives I should check out? Something along the lines of the Competition Pro Joystick for NES? Any tip will be greatly appreciated!

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Thanks for the tip. I did a little bit of research, and the Explorer looks interesting, especially in direct comparison with the Advantage. However, I checked ebay availability, and it gives me a feeling that it may be really hard to find outside the US.


I'd say I will wait for the Speedking to arrive from the UK and see how well that one holds up. If it still isn't what I'm looking for, the Explorer will be high on my list.

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Or, you can build your own arcade controller like I did...



It works great sitting in my lap playing from the couch. Much better than an NES Advantage. Digital turbo control with a four speed selector switch, slow motion, etc... Best part was, I designed the PCB myself so no controllers were harmed! :-D


I greatly prefer the NES gamepad to the Atari Joysticks, but I also love the feel of the giant arcade controller even better!


Oh, and what the hey; I also did an Atari Version too:


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Nes max and camerica freedom stick are decent. Similar to the advantage but still decent and wireless. Except I hate the clicking sound. But they all had that I think.


Or the nes version of wico looks decent. Or goto ebay and type in



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