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HSC10 Round 4: Caverns of Mars

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Bit better:


97660 (Novice) played through all 5 caverns


Not really my cup of tea so I had to really push myself to play it again.

It's more fun on commander (and not too much harder) where you get all the different stages.



So now we have 4 games on 3 votes - HSC shenanigans at play :D


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Had a very promising run at the Warrior level tonight... lost my last three lives (!) on the 5th descent. Grr...

Still good for 224300 points.


Also a slight improvement on Commander to 60420.



My scores:


Novice 120000

Pilot 170000

Warrior 224300 (4 escapes)

Commander 60420 (frustrating!)


Total 574720


COM2 56100

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Novice: 120k completed

Pilot:170k completed

Warrior: 185910 -lost last ship on the way out when trying to manage 4th escape

Commander: 170120 -ended in martian maze in 3rd round


= 646030


post-34165-0-00468700-1364068259_thumb.jpg post-34165-0-36971500-1364068274_thumb.jpg




162350 181450- got almost to the end of 10th round



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Alright! Got the rhythm right on the final fuel depots and managed one escape on Commander!



My scores:


Novice 120000 (complete 89710)

Pilot 170000 (complete 159120)

Warrior 224300 (4 escapes)

Commander 101530 (1 escape)

Total 615830


COM2 72250


These are probably finals for me, I'm heading out for the evening soon.

Fun round - I'm still gonna complete Warrior, even after the deadline! :-D

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Congratulations to long time HSCer devwebcl for being the true Caverns of Mars Warrior and to JK40001 for winning the bonus game C.O.M.2 I think that's your first ever win in the HSC devwebcl :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Hope everyone enjoyed the games; I think the COM fuel ships reappearing must be a feature, I found it best to stay left. If you didn't play on commander, have a go as you get to see all the games' extra features in stages 3-5.


I gave roadrunner a bonus point for playing Phobos - I did have a quick go and the game is significantly different to C.O.M., and really good too, so we'll squeeze it in for a play soon.


So it's four rounds gone and me, your humble 3 times former champ has still not won a round :P


Hope to see you all in round 5 and to find out which game beat Astro Droid this time :D



Final Tables

Caverns of Mars

1st Warrior devwebcl 842,217 13pts NPW #

2nd therealbountybob 659,150 11pts NP

3rd JK40001 646,030 10pts NP

4th adam242. 615,830 9pts NP

5th orpheuswaking (N) 615,420 9pts NP

6th McKong 470,950 7pts NP

7th Fallout_002 (N) 214,850 7pts

8th Caco 187,570 6pts

9th jdh 183,680 5pts N

10th Gury 162,090 5pts

11th darthkur (N) 161,420 5pts

12th justin case 120,000 4pts N

13th bluecat 93,030 4pts

14th Goochman (N) 71,950 4pts

15th Sikor 61,120 3pts

16th roadrunner (N) 48,630 4pts

17th Tickled_Pink 46,720 2pts

18th jblenkle (N) 43,470 3pts

19th MaPa 41,130 2pts

20th Mangia-Boy 37,700 1pt

21st Champions_2002 32,670 1pt

22nd CupWinners 29,020 1pt


(N) includes NTSC player's extra point

Extra scoring positions at 16, 20 & 25 players!

Scores for competing: Novice=120,000 Pilot=170,000 Warrior=240,000 Commander=???

# Bonus for completing NPW

$ Bonus for completing NPWC


Caverns of Mars II

1st JK40001 181,540 3pts

2nd McKong 120,250 2pts

3rd therealbountybob 99,450 2pts

4th devwebcl 92,650 2pts

5th darthkur 79,150 2pts

6th Gury 77,600 1pt

7th adam242. 72,250 1pt

8th orpheuswaking 71,850 1pt

9th Caco 60,200 1pt

10th jdh 53,500 1pt

11th Tickled_Pink 29,200 1pt

12th Sikor 21000 1pt

13th jblenkle 19,300 1pt

14th roadrunner 18,350 1pt

15th Fallout_002 17,650 1pt

16th Champions_2002 12,800 1pt

17th bluecat 12,400 1pt


Just for fun Phobos

1st roadrunner 50,101 1pt ;)


please check your scores!

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