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Where is everybody?

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Wow! What a coincidence. I just bought Food Fight for my 7800 last week. Its my one and only 7800 game.

Do you have any common duplicates?your lucky,

I cant find any 7800 games around here.


I've bought about 30 games so far, all but 2 from ebay. I bought 2 from the Atari Age store - Beef Drop and Space Duel. Beef Drop is awesome, it's a port of Burger Time but with name changed to protect the innocent. ;-), but Space Duel is almost not playable because of the dark colors. I get headaches from trying to see the sprites. I've turned up the brightness and color all the way up but it still hurts my eyes.

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Hi guys - I would like to know if any of you would be interested in meeting up for a planned swap meet on a Saturday? I think I can sign up and get access to a public hall and I do not believe it would cost me anything to book it , as long as it was just for about 3-4 hours max. I can find out more about it. I think if we can get at least 10 people to state they would come and bring their stuff they want to sell / swap , it would be cool.

I have some games that I would definitely like to show off as I have been selling some homebrews and back issues of the Atari 2600 Connection newsletter I used to publish...


Anyone interested? ( My location is Southeastern Massachuesetts - I am not that far from Providence, RI )






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Sounds good to me too. Except for one thing. This Saturday is February 14th. Unless it's ok to bring the wife along. :-)

I wish this was in central Massachusetts. In the Worcester area would be nice.


I just reread Tims post. Sure keep me posted. I'll try and make it.


I have a nice 5200 system id like to trade for 8bit atari or Colecovision stuff.




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Zeptari - what Colecovision stuff are you looking for? I've got lots of extra games and would certainly trade for any 5200 games or accessories I don't have. I'm not on here too often anymore but if you send me a PM I'll log in and get back to you.

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