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2013 Meetup

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Tempest and I have gone to that show for the two or three years. Its not that awesome in itself so maybe making a group event out of it would be a good idea.


I can't stay out late that night since I have to be at the race track the next morning, but usually we're back from Cleveland before dark anyway.


If we want to do something on another weekend I can hold the event at my house as I have in the past. Usually in that event we meet at Pinball Pete's in Ann Arbor.


Harry: I apologize for the problem last time. Tempest and I met that day and didn't go to Pete's because not a single person confirmed they were coming, including you. As far as we knew it was just him and me, and we decided to do something else...I don't even remember what it was. We probably just did stuff at my place. I'd love to have you over again...at least so you can show me how to use that GBA flash cart I got from you. I'm the dumb!

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Yeah the Cleveland show seems to be the exact same vendors every year either the exact same stuff. If you didn't find anything at the show the year before, you won't this year. It also seems to be heavily skewed towards SNES and up, which isn't a bad thing, but it's not what I'm in to. It's as extremely crowded and hard to move around. They really need a bigger space. On the plus side, the beer in the bar is good and mega cheap. I'd go again, but only with a bigger group to make it worthwhile as a road trip kind if thing.


Maybe next time we can do the party in my game room once I've met all the new people and can calm my wife's fears that you're all not crazy murderers or something (or at least not tell her if you are).

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I will be checking out the Cleveland show for sure. It will be my first time.


Let's do Pinball Pete's sometime, guys. When is best for you all? Weekends are best for me personally but I can make other nights work if necessary. I need to meet some other Atarians because there are far too few in my neckothawoods.

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I live in Rockwood Mi I would like to join


Nice Farmall by the way here is a pic of mine restored in 2002

Wow, I'm in Flat Rock. You're just a hop skip and a jump away from me. :)



Hopefully Chad will chime in here on the date and time.

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Great! I'll see you guys there then. I'll wear something Atari-oriented so that it is painfully obvious who I am.


I'm also looking forward to the convention on Saturday.


theloon, what are you working on?


It's already the first Saturday in July? Holy flatus! Of course, this is the one day I am without transportation. Someone take pics! :)


I'm trying to wrap up this:

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The problem is, if Zeta is going to host it, we need to see when he's free. But if we just want to all meet at Pete's and then see what happens from there we can try for any weekend. How about July 20th?

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