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RollerBall - SOS CAT - Mario Bros - Mindwalls - PRE-ORDER!


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Here is time to pre-order our latest releases! :)



- Sos Carterpillar


Saved and preserved by the CV Brotherhood

This game has never been available before!




- Mindwalls


The latest game made by Nicamshilova, the same author of Bugs n' Bots

This promise hours of fun!




- RollerBall


A Super Game Module game!

Finally! An awesome pinball game on CV

Ported from the MSX version by the man himself ; Eduardo Mello




- Mario Bros Re-Release


Oh yeah, FINALLY!

Alot of you complained about how not available MB was!

Now with a completely re-design of all the packaging and now include 2 profesionally made overlays

You don't want to miss that one!





This is Pre-Order, shipping will start the first week of May

Each game (including MB) are $50 + actual shipping cost

Order now to be sure to get your game(s) before its too late


You are also free to choose the version of the box you want!


Contact me here or by email to pre-order now!

I prefer you contact me by email though :)



*We will soon update our website, we just don't have the time to do it now


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I'll take one of each please! NTSC US Versions. Mario Arcade Box works for me icon_smile.gif


What happened to the $39.99 price for Mario?


The game will be offered in a completely new box design, will included 2 brand new overlays done by Phil Boland ............AND it will also be sold at a special LOWER price too!

In fact the game target price is $39,99 only!

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Forgot to say......



Only 50 games of each will be available!



SOS CAT is limited to 50 copies, wich mean after this, no more will be ever made

Same thing goes for Mindwalls


I also don't think I will publish MB after this, I will only produced 70 for this run, with only 50 available at the release



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I will send an Email to everyone o the mailing list by tomorrow, If you don't get the message about the 4 new release please let me know for next time :)


Now its time to reserve you games!!! Please take note that Mario Bros has 3 color and a NTSC box qty are limited!

The color of the box will math the cart Label :grin:

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Congrats on this latest wave of games releases and as usual great job on the boxes and the new overlay for MB. Looking forward to finally getting a chance to use those side flipper buttons on your Arcade Quality Controller, well, use them in the proper manner that they were designed for... a pinball game.


With all the different styles of boxes that you have made for this latest round of games, I think you have officially overtaken CBS Electronics for the title of Box Variation King! ;)

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