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MAME/Arcade HSC Season 5.22: Circus Charlie

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Guide Charlie through six different circus events including Fire Rings, Tightrope, Trampoline, Ball Walk, Springs, and Flying Trapeze. Timer bonus points are added for finishing a level and more points are awarded for completing a round without losing Charlie. The game is over when all Circus Charlies are lost.




Game Information:


Game Name: Circus Charlie

Manufacturer: Konami/1984

Dipswitches: Default: 3 starting lives. Bonus lives at 20K and every 70K.

ROMset: circusc.zip

Chosen by: Mangia-Boy

ROM Location: http://www.romnation...us-Charlie.html


SPECIAL RULE: You must play the levels in order. No playing the same board over and over.


Contest ends on Saturday, June 15th at 11:59 p.m. (EST)


High Scores:


1. 193,360 kane [+15]

2. 146,520 M.A.M.E. Offender [+14]

3. 126,030 patbb [+13]

4. 108,830 Cynicaster [+12]

5. 104,560 darthkur [+11]

6. 103,160 onmode-ky [+10]

7. 68,460 Fallout_002 [+9]

8. 42,950 retrorussell [+8]

9. 41,780 Darrin9999 [+7]

10. 41,290 LarcenTyler [+6]

11. 22,800 jblenkle [+5]

12. 13,200 roadrunner [+4]


Points Leaderboard:


Coming soon!

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May I suggest adding the stipulation that the game must be played in a continous series through the various boards, from easiest to hardest. Otherwise one could simply replay the 1st board repeatedly or any other given one repeatedly. Although they do progress a bit in difficulty each time you do them it still would allow for a player that exceptionally good at one particular board to capitalize on it.

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Yeah, this one is a major leach fest, although you do get locked out of each segment after you complete it 5(?) times, so basically you do all the easy ones first and rack up the lives and then try to survive through the rest.


There is also a romset where you don't have a level select, maybe that's more to everyones liking.

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When I am playing Circus Charlie, I think of a certain bowling alley that had this game at its establishment.


This game is kind of goofy, but it`s still fun to play.





I remember renting this game from Becker’s for the NES, but I don’t remember ever seeing an arcade machine. What bowling alley was it?

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I had assumed using the "stage select" version of Circus Charlie would be considered cheating (Plus, the game really isn't any fun if you're having to point scrub the first few levels repetitiously in order to be competitive).


Can we get some clarification on this, Deteacher?





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Doing all the easy levels first before moving on to the harder ones seems logical to me and we are using the level select ROMset, that's how Ive played it in the past. I'm quite happy to play either way though, whatever eveyone wants.

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I didn't know there was a version where you couldn't select levels. I've never played this game before, so this one is new to me. I can complete the first 4 levels, after much practicing. Starting to get the hang of level 5, but that's a tough one! I'll post a score in a bit.


With regards to Kane's score, did you achieve that score by playing the easy boards repeatedly? Not sure how to handle this one, since it wasn't stated that you couldn't do this...on the other hand, had I known this was a possibility, I would have stated in the rules that it wouldn't be allowed.


I'll update everything after I hear from Kane. Sorry for the snag, guys! Play on! :)

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