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Video Game Convention - Akron Ohio Area (Norton) - Tomorrow - 7-28


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I just wanted to pass on this info in case anyone is near the Akron area and wanted to come to a video game convention tomorrow. I found the info on craigslist but he's been putting out tons of flyers and putting it on facebook posts and stuff like that too. I'm just going to copy/paste his info here, maybe someone that didn't know about it might wanna come who knows?


Video Game Convention From Vintage to New Age! NES XBOX 360 PS3 - $5


Visit http://cosmiccon.weebly.com for details and updates. This is its first year, so let's make it a good one!


For raffle is a pre ordered Playstation 4!


We are hosting a video game convention for both old and new video games. There will be Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and everything in between! Over 20 tables filled with games!


Convention will begin at noon on July 28, 2013. For non-vendors, there is a $5 entry fee. That gives you 3 free tickets for items up for raffle. Raffles will be on every hour on the hour from 1pm-6pm. Any extra raffle tickets are $1 a piece. Ages 13 and under are FREE! Vendors are priced to sell, so good deals are for certain! Come play and buy video games from all eras! Contact for more information.


There will also be a Super Smash Bros. Melee tournament here! Single elimination, $5 entry fee. 1st place gets $75, 2nd $40, and 3rd $20. 4th gets their money back. May the best mortal win.


Looking for vendors to set up at the Houston Hall in Norton, Ohio 44203. $20 per 8 foot table. 3 tables maximum per vendor. Only 6 spots available and going fast! Email jarlen@kent.edu for details. Vendors with televisions and game displays sell much better, so don't hesitate to bring them! For one day only. Sunday, July 28, 2013. Setup starts at 10:00am, customers at noon.

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